Monday, May 26, 2008

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Okay, I feel like tons to post, so I'm using pics instead of your having to read through a long post...I'll try.

We added new products to our website, Pillows 4 Me!!! Inspired by Amy Tangerine's beautiful shirts, we made 14" square pillows using a reverse applique technique.
We have these reverse applique pillows for now and will add more later. Either of these are available in green or brown.
And we will also have the pillows available with our current upholstery fabrics. Check out our site and let us know what you think!
Season Finales!!!!!! OMG, they really left you hanging, esp. with David Caruso on CSI Miami!! He got shot, for sure, but will he die???!!! Ghost Whisperer...whose shadow is not there???!!! CSI Las Vegas - Warren shot!!! Grey's - WOW speechless. Moonlight - Mick and Beth finally??!!
Elsie Challenge #16, to scrap a topic...also worked out for the One Little Word challenge - Think Used this photo of me at a 10k two years ago.

FINALLY...I have been wanting to see this movie since it came out! Lots of words to describe this movie. Really loved it. I think I could relate to every character in the movie.
LOVED LOVED LOVED Elizabeth - the Golden Age

Thanks to Dean :D convincing Dennis to use NetFlix, we've watched a good selection so far of movies. P.S. I Love You - I couldn't help it, I cried from the very beginning all the way through to the end. But it's not a bad cry. Loss of someone is inevitable and it will always hurt...but it is a part of life and this was amazing. See it!! So amazing, I was inspired to do a layout from it. I tell Dennis all the time that I'm dying before him. The pic is of our hands having tea and lunch on Valentine's Day. I wrote: Dear Dennis, Growing old together with you is all I want. P.S. I Love You Altered the photo in Adobe first but also after...used micro beads and heavy duty sticky paper and stuck them all on top of the photo...brayer them down really good.

I have really been loving Doctor Who. Have seen some of the 2005 episodes with doctor #9, but mostly the ones with David Tennant as #10 doctor. The Doctor regenerates, so he never dies. Been around since 1963 in the UK. I really love Sci-Fi! This is great. And if you recognize David, he was Barty Crouch, Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

And "The Doctor" inspired me so much, I did this layout. Showing some love to the Doctor and his companions. Got him set on my DVR. Oh, yeah, baby.

I probably did more than I need for the SISiversary coming up. They are ATC (Artist Trading Cards), kind of like business cards, but for artsy kind of people who just love to see what others create and, well, it's just fun to swap with others. I did a Nouveau theme using a collage from
I'll have to post a whole other blog about this book. Wow...very confusing, but enlightening at the same time.
It inspired me to make this canvas:

Had been adding leftover paint to this canvas for awhile now and decided it had enough paint on it. I love this!!

Haven't posted in awhile about Byetta and how's it going. Up to 10 mcg...very very very tough adjustment. Still having issues every now and then. Very nauseated, weak, dizzy sometimes, very tired. Certain foods I think make it worse, which I try to avoid. But I have been drinking Reed's Ginger drinks...real it helps...also Bicardi Mojitos have helped a lot ;) Seriously, they do...just settles the stomach. But other than the side effects, I feel great, eating more like a normal person again, and very pleased with the results.
I couldn't help but look at Daisy, in her new environment, and think she looks like a homeless person, but a cat. She is loving being outside still. And good thing because she did come in little and peed on my bench...she's not right, acting like an old person and not sure where she is, otherwise, she's great! Really great!! She was only back in the litter box for 3 days and has been out, eats like there's no tomorrow, poops, pees.
We've been doing the fluids on our own for her for awhile now and it helps so much. She's not stressed with the drive and visit to the vet, and only distressed a little bit for this. Lisa was over, so I was able to get some shots of it.

We put her on the dryer and hang the bag from a hanger on the door. We cover her up like a burrito...she doesn't like it one bit, but it really doesn't hurt her.
It just looks like it would! Ouch! But cat's skin is very different from still looks kind of painful.
And she loves to eat, you wouldn't think she's sick. She scarfed up these treats after her fluids and totally forgot about it.
This was a great challenge from Scrapjacked. They scrapjacked Kate O'Brien...beautiful person. I love using alcohol inks, like the Ranger brand. It comes out great on b/w photos. So wanted that for this, but for some reason, maybe the paper...don't know, it smeared the ink of the photo as well...but I went with it...kind of fit the project.

Did this for my May calendar. Really wanted something kind of deep. I had the photo of my hands over my heart and edited it, so when I saw the word "Permission" from The Dares book, it went together. Exactly what I wanted to feel in this layout. And I love this new color of paint I picked up, FolkArt Plum Vineyard, that I painted around the photo.
With the editing of the photo and printing it directly on the pink cardstock, I love the way it glows, esp. against the window.

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  1. Wow Patricia! I love everything that you posted today, everything.

  2. WOW!! Thank you for stopping by my blog and your comments :)
    Glad you did because wow you have a great blog and your creations are wonderful!!
    Will be back :)

  3. wow- what a lot of eyecandy! The favorite was the canvas - awesome!!! Have a gorgeous sunday!

  4. alison-lee2:06 AM

    Loving your Dr Who layouts! I've been watching Dr Who here in the UK for as long as I can remember. Keep watching!!


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