Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It's All Good

My cute, little rug rat, Archie, decided to snuggle up with me for us both to take a little cat nap. Just melts my heart.
He is such a sweetie, this photo really caught that personality.
This photo of Daisy made me cry.  I did a whole layout with it and journaled what I felt.  The way she looks at us and love us no matter what she has been through.  How can you not love her.  How could we have put her to sleep before her time.  I'm so glad I captured this moment with her.

Dennis is back in the game.  He's playing with First Baptist.  They, at first, said he'd have to be going to church, but then his friend, Eddie, changed the minds of some of the ones that said that.  I'm so glad he's back at it.  He needs the stress relief.  And seeing the balls on his dashboard, just show how pumped he is to be playing again.  For those, like me, this alters the balls and makes them go further when you hit them ;)
I just thought this was so pretty, seeing all those little needles in the new box I picked up at the drug store.
I *heart* my doctor.  She is incredible.  She "gets" it.  My headaches have been really bad and she stocked me up with some samples to get me by.  I could have cried.  I really needed them.  Went through them over just a few days and then got one filled.  But that's all I needed, to break the cycle.  I'm good now, and just have it for when I need it.  And this just made me smile...Archie loves to chew on plastic, so he's munchin' on the bag.
Daisy is still hanging out outside in the screened pool area.  She is so cute finding little places to chill out.
And almost a month after, but I did have a wonderful birthday.   Lisa, Dennis, and I went out to eat...oh, it was soooo good!!!  As far as presents, the computer is both my birthday and Dennis's and Christmas.

Chocolate martini...oh my...had to splurge for my day!

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