Sunday, July 06, 2008


So I finally did a little playing over at Scrapblog and made a layout for the blog title.  So all credits go to those designers at Scrapblog for all of that.  Have never ever done any digital scrapbooking of any kind.  It is very easy over there because you don't need any software, it's all part of their site.  Just start playing.  They do have videos and things to help you out.  But if you've ever fooled with any computer type things, like even in Word with Word art or any of that, and you know how to send things back or to the front, just dive in.

Still not feeling very creative or motivated to do much of anything, but at least I did do that.

Oh, and one more credit, the photo was edited in Photoshop Elements.  Have been going through Adrienne Looman's online course for the Artistic Edge in Photos.  Really cool, easy things, straight forward steps.  The photo in the blog title has a wash over it.

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  1. Oh you clever thing!! I want to make me a blog banner but have no idea how to add it to my blog lol Love what you made


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