Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Scrapping the First Few Weeks and The Wrong Patricia...Hmmmm???

When I was packing up to go to Faith 365 Scrapping Event, I knew I couldn't bring my entire little corner of paints, mists, papers, clip it ups, I do when I go to Scrapfest...  'Planning' layouts or pages for me is not for me.  What I found is as I planned, I ended up scrapping!!! 

We had only been home from China for about a month and a half...but already rugrat loved Starbucks as much as us!!!
And these pics were not even a month home just yet!!!  Wow!!!  Cannot believe how well she was doing...although she was still freaked out by the camera...

And these pics were from the first week home!!!'s the layouts that I 'tried' to plan...I have no idea what I was thinking at the just didn't worry, and put it together...definitely not my favorite, but captures the memory...

And here's one that I planned!  LOL!  Although I did finish it all except for the journaling and little embellishments...

I think this one I actually did most there with what I had planned...but had to finish when I got home with stitching and embellishments...

Another that I planned, but had to finish once I got home...that would have been yesterday actually ;)

And I've been so inspired by Marit's class, that I'm 'practicing' my art journaling more...did these for my calendar...

And some shocking news for me and LOL, probably for others, cause I still think they got the wrong Patricia!!!  LOL!!  

Michelle from Scrapping the Music asked me to be a designer on Scrapping the Music challenge blog...yeah, that's what I thought see...maybe they thought I was a different Patricia!

And what an awesome intro that Michelle did...

Scrapping the Music has been my favorite challenge blog.  What I love about the blog is:

the design team is awesome
they are fun and encouraging
EVERYone's work is recognized
all those that participate are friendly and awesome as well
music is THE BEST form of inspiration

And what I'm looking forward to with being a member of the team:

'hopefully' inspiring and being inspired even more
getting to know the team and EVERYone who plays more
growing more and being more creative
having FUN

Come check it out and be prepared to inspire as well as find inspiration, and meet some wonderful come play with us!!!

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