Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Emma's Three-Day Birthday!

A Year ago, this little chickadee was in a Chinese orphanage.  So it was super special to share her special day WITH her!  We had her little table and chairs set up for her when she woke up with the little Thomas the Train foldout with the trains that stick to it.  As you can see by that smile, she LOVED it!
My little Archie even got a little excited!  ;)

Emma had spotted this Thomas train balloon in Party City when I had taken her with me awhile I promised her that she could have him for her birthday...which helped her to not have a crying fit.  So when I ordered the balloons for her party, she spotted him again, and I got him for her as I promised!  I think if she had just gotten balloons for her birthday, that would have made her day!  She was so happy!

Dada took the day off and we headed to the Gymboree class...and met some of her friends there...

And then had lunch with one of her buddies and his family at our favorite Chinese Restaurant.  They were treated with some ice cream after...

And treated to some fish food to feed the fish after...

Dennis' Mom, her husband, and his sister, Denise came in town.  This is the first time his Mom and her husband have been here to see Emma!  I'll remain silent about that!  Ha!  

So the next day, Denise, Dennis' sister got some pictures of us with our shirts that we got from China.  Ours say Father and Mother in Chinese and Emma's says Made in China...

EMMA IS 2!!!!!

With the grandparents...poser shot ;)

And Emma's most favorite out of town visitor who actually played with her too...was her Aunt Denise!  She had so much fun with her!

I can't sing Happy Birthday to her without crying...  

She got so excited when she saw the balloons I had ordered for her...

I think all of the little ones enjoyed helping to open presents.  They were so cute!

Well, this little chickadee had a fun-filled day.  She actually took a nap when everyone left...she was very tired...but after dinner, she had fun playing more with her new toys and her Aunt Denise...before Aunt Denise had to go back home...

A BIG thank you to Aunt Lisa for helping to make the party a success.  I could not have done it without her...and I mean that literally!  And to Aunt Denise for helping me the night before to roll appetizers while I was getting dinner ready for everyone else, for watching Emma during the party while we got to enjoy the party a little bit, and for the time she spent while here to play with Emma.

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  1. Happy birthday, little Emma.
    I think you have now, a very very beautiful family, and I wish you a lot of news birthdays for the rest of your life. kiss. Felisa


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