Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bo Bo's, Bye Bye Gymbo, Painting, and Baking

I saw a dark spot under Dennis' sink, then I heard Dennis in there after Emma went to bed ripping the boards out.  So Labor Day we were lucky to have someone come out and see what was going on...

And we couldn't have been more lucky.  He did very little demolishing and it seems it was a leak coming from the faucet of the shower...hoping that's it!
And as much as little Emma loves Gymbo and Gymboree (although, she didn't want to go a lot of times or wanted to leave early), we put a hold on it for now and signed her up for gymnastics.  We've gone three times to gymnastics now and she is finally comfortable and absolutely loving it.  Will try to take pics today.  Also, today, we are going to try a pre-ballet class.  If she likes, it, we'll officially sign up and yes, pics of that too!  She loves her ballet shoes and outfit!

She's so girly!

A special surprise from Aunt Denise!  She knew it was for her right away!  She loves books too!  And this just made me want to move even more!  So tired of the heat here!

So since it's so hot with heat advisories and too humid to do anything fun outside most of the time here, we stay inside and get messy A LOT!

Another new fan of silly bands!

Don't give me that attitude, I've got one of my own!

Trying to take a nap with a little one has not been successful...hmmm you think!  But there are times, I just have to.  Well, this time instead of trying to wake me up, she put band-aids all over me!

My silly girl!

She loves to decorate cupcakes and cookies or at least squeeze the chocolate icing in her hands!

And I don't know where she got the idea, but for a week she had been saying she wants to make Yo Gabba Gabba Halloween cookies!  So I tried with Play Dough, but not good enough!  So one day when Aunt Lisa could come over, we rolled, cut, baked, decorated, and well ate the entire time too! 

She loves to eat the sprinkles!

The first morning I poked my head out and thought, now that's the way it should humidity.  So we took our breakfast outside!  My little chickadee is 2!!!!  Yes, you are!

Just three times to gymnastics and she is really starting to use her arms a lot more to pull her legs up and swing!  She really is a very gentle cautious little girl.  She almost did a summersault around the bar last week though!  And this week, for the first time ON HER OWN, she pulled up on the swing set bar and swung!  So every chance she gets, she is practicing pulling herself up...  

...And she can do a partial proud of her!!!  

When we are outside she jumps from either wanting to write with chalk on the patio, get in the pool, play with the hose, or go most of the time it's just a diaper or swimmers on...and occasionally rainboots!

Took her for the first time to the Disney store and OMG!!!  She went crazy!!!!! 

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