Thursday, December 09, 2010

Moving Through the Transition

We were supposed to be getting some good pictures from a photographer during our trip to Florida, but that fell through with us left holding a worthless CD and out $200.  Lesson learned, ask how arrangements to pay the photographer are being made ahead of time...we (the families) were mislead in thinking all initial fees were paid, and we would just have to pay for photos we liked.   Otherwise, we would have never agreed to the photo shoot.   Our lifestyle is very different from when I worked (outside of the home), and we don't have the disposable income, and able to make up for losses like this.  So it's been a very upsetting week.

Since we had no good photos to share with family...I set up our own photo's a few...

All of our families will be getting a disk of the high resolution pictures...there's lots more! 

It's been almost a month since we've been home from the trip we made and we're making small steps transitioning into her sleeping in her big girl bed.  We're able now to lay down on the air mattress next to her bed until she falls asleep and then leave as opposed to sleeping there the whole night.  Some crying when she woke up, then all went well for a few nights, then last night she woke up crying at 2 a.m.  I knew none of us would get sleep unless I went back in her room.  

So the routine at night is about 8, we start the bedtime.  She wanders all over her room, plays with the iPhone, you name it, and then she will fall asleep usually with her legs and feet off her bed and the rest of her body on the bed.  It used to take her 3 hours at first to fall asleep...then 2, now we're down to about an hour and a half maybe less.  We make sure she's really asleep for awhile before we put her completely on the bed or else you'll have to start all over again.  It was nice to at least have an hour out of your day to have time for yourself with her taking naps...then no more naps.  No sooner had we said, well, at least she goes down at 8 p.m. and then we have a couple of hours to get stuff done...then that's gone as well.  I knew kids were tough, but what people didn't tell you is that you need a support system of friends and family to let you have time to take care of the house, yourself, etc.  

This was a couple of nights ago...really upset about the $200 out the window and wondering why were we so we were being silly together.  She loves the "I Like to Move It" from Madagascar.  
So I said, make faces like the "animals"  She was giggling so much!
Trying to work through this transition of no naps and going out and about as much as possible...  She usually will fall asleep in the car and sleep anywhere from a half hour to an hour.  It's frustrating when you're trying to shop and run errands...but we usually stop somewhere in a parking lot and sit and let her sleep...

Some of the trips we made last week were to two children's museums and to ride the train in the mall...I was so proud of her riding by herself the second AND third time!  The first time, I tried to ride with her, but had a hard time getting my ass in there!!! 
Smaller children's museum, but she really liked it...
And here's another self photo of Emma ;)  I had no idea this was even on my phone until she was going through my pictures... :0

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