Thursday, December 16, 2010

So Different from a Year Ago

We tried to take the skeleton puzzle down (he's taped up with masking tape, but be careful not to tape where names of bones are or that will come off).  I guess skeleton is a permanent fixture in our house now.  And apparently Emma felt he needed something else...I think she felt like she was helping ;)
So the night time is slowly going.  For three nights in a row, she woke up about 2 a.m. crying for me to hold and rock her...yes, she is working it...but also don't know how much she is maybe having bad dreams...right now she is scared of the Kiss commercial and Lady Gaga!!!  So she repeats No commercials; No Lady Gaga over and over and we reassure her they are gone!  So for now, I'm back to staying in her room all night.  She's getting better at falling asleep in the bed either partially or fully ;)

We had twice as many pillow orders last November and even though it was quite stressful with a brand new baby that was already a little over a year old, we did it.  So we are left scratching are heads as to why this year is harder to get anything done...she's 2!   But again...that first six months home was pure it's exhaustion ;)

We're trying to do our business, lack of sleep and grumpy, transitions and thankfully having a friend and Aunt Lisa in her life has helped so much.  It really does take a village to raise a child...and hoping she can have more friends that will feel like family for her that will be there to support her...

More to come of Emma's pre-ballet recital...  Shopping and riding the train at "the mall."  Emma got a new pair of shoes and a dress!  Playing some of her new games she's getting for Christmas and making a play-dough snowman.
Thomas the train is still her favorite, but he still influences has to be some sort of blue in it!  So I think that's why she likes Ariel because she's got that blueish green color...She's trying to do her curtsy...she looks so adorable in this dress and shoes!!!
Things around the house this time of year...
It's so easy for kids this age to get overwhelmed, so around here we do have her open gifts throughout the Christmas season so she can enjoy each one...
One thing that I'm happy that is different from last year, is Emma and I have not gotten as sick.  

Another change...up next up Scrapping the Music are the Foo Fighters It's Times Like These...Momma had to swap out the coffee press for an automatic!

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  1. ohmygosh P!!! I was just stalking STM and actually read the text on your layout! hysterical!!!

    your girl is soooooooo beautiful!!! and auntie Linda would love a copy of your banner photo for her baby wall at work!!!
    : .)

  2. HAPPY CRISTHMAS DEAR EMMA, for your and your fabulous family.
    Warm, warm hug for all of you, from the middle of my heart,
    I think of you many times..., my dear family in the USA.
    (I hope to arrive in time..)

  3. She is precious. Have a wonderful new year. Blessings

  4. I just popped in to wish you and your loved ones happy New Year! May all your dreams come true in 2011!


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