Friday, January 14, 2011

So Much Fun...Little Time to Document It! And Emma Starts School!!!

Emma is so attention detailed it amazes me.  For her new easel she got for Christmas, she wanted the blue clip to match the blue cup, etc.  And then the paint splatters had to match as well!  Her latest and newest favorite show is Sid the Science Kid...and it fits her because she is so observant of things and one rainy day, we headed outside to discovery that EVERYTHING gets wet, puddles are reflective until you jump in them or stir them with a stick, and raincoats are super fun!  I printed all of our pictures from the day and just like Sid the Science Kid, we started our own observation notebook.
Another rainy day, but also a school the three of us headed to the park and had it ALL to ourselves...
A few of my favorite moments at the park...she practiced her ballet on the stage...
...did a little more dancing while on the see-saw...
...and double high-fiving Dada!

And one more favorite photo of having a park to can see all of the beautiful artwork on the benches... is still soooo hard to get anything is one of the many things...she wanted to help me this time while I was making pizza dough...I made the mistake of not removing the container of flour because...well...I lost count how many times I had to clean the flour off of the floor because I was slipping and sliding...the pizza eventually got just took about triple the amount of time it would normally ;)
Kids will be kids and Adults will be kids...if you're Emma parents ;)  Dennis enjoyed building a house for the animals.  And Emma is snuggling with her ghost (stuffed animal).  This is the first thing (toy) she's gotten sooo attached to (of all things)...he comes everywhere, and thankfully is machine washable!
And this past Wednesday Emma and I headed to the rain, but in the 30s and school is another great time to take photos with the zoo to ourselves!  Dennis dropped us off on his way to a service I had the opportunity to snap some shots while on the drive as well...
It was so strange but really nice to have the carousel and the train to ourselves.  I just looked over to the operator of the carousel and said we're ready ;)  The train engineer asked if we wanted the tour to go with it, I said no, we just want the ride ;)  LOVE that!  She did too!  Although...we did good for the first carousel ride, but after that...she wanted off before it was over...I think it's still a love/hate thing for her...I know I feel nauseous after being on the thing!
I always said I just need more practice when it comes to taking's just harder to concentrate and think and...well do anything creative with a fast-moving toddler ;)  But I've gotten a lot more great shots than I's just a few...just can't keep up with editing...
And Emma started pre-school Thursday.  We weren't planning on it...we were set on her going in the Fall.  She was not ready to be away from us when she turned 2 and when the school year started...BUT lately we could tell she was ready.  And this is one of the many things that needed to change for us.  We need the relief and the help.  It's no mistake that I got an email from a friend about a new Montessori school that started.  I kind of didn't want to look into it because we liked the other Montessori school she would attend in the Fall and knew this new one would be way too expensive for us.  

She was loopy and needed her the only way to do that is to take a drive in the car...we just drive normally, but this time, I decided to try to find the new school.  Found it just in time for her to wake up 20 mins later.  They are so new with so few students, that they could take her now and they would also let us phase her in, by me staying with her the whole time, then leaving together until she's good to go.  A challenge to get her to school by 8:30 a.m. with how badly she has been sleeping lately, but we all managed!  She loved it and I think very soon I'll be able to drop her off for the few hours she'll be there just twice a week.  So proud of her!!!

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