Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Black and White Wednesday

Thank you so much for the comments here and on Facebook.  Dennis really appreciates them.  Now that he and his brother and sister and Clarence are back to a "normal" life is when it is the hardest.  Prayers are still with them as they go through a lot of emotions while they grieve...
the long road

I have been inspired by Lisa's photography skills when I saw her on the Chenzhou Yahoo Family boards post pictures of her recent trip to the orphanage where Emma was for a year.  I thought I would join in on her Black and White Wednesdays this time and use this picture of Dennis with Clarence right after the funeral services of his Mom, Clarence's Wife.  Totally bad exposure, but a moment I'm glad I captured...

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  1. This is such a sad but beautiful moment. Love it xo


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