Monday, February 14, 2011

The Call...

Tuesday, February 8th was one of the better days for Emma at school...but Dennis called with some bad news.  His Mom had a massive heart attack.  She was not sick, not ill, no heart disease, it just happened. Clarence said she was hurting under her left arm pit and felt nauseated.  He wanted her to go to the hospital, but she had stomach problems, so she thought if she could just throw up, she'd feel better.  She was in the bathroom, when Clarence heard a loud noise.  She had fallen to the ground, and did not gain consciousness.  The emergency unit finally got to the house and worked on bringing her back over an hour.  She was back, but the brain damage she had suffered was unknown and she was not breathing on her own.  They put a stint in her and were putting her in ICU, and thought she would be okay, but she didn't make it.  She was only 65.  

Emma didn't get a chance to really know her Maw Maw, but this is one picture I was able to get of them together...
Praying for Dale, Denise, and Dennis.  My Mom's death was sudden also, but every relationship is different, so they will each grieve in different ways.  It is so unfair that they lost their Dad at 52 and now their Mom at 65.  I truly believe God is Righteous, but I also believe life just isn't always fair, not while we are here...
 Dennis and Clarence hugging at the grave site.  Clarence and Arnette were married for 16 years.  Prayers to him to stay strong and accept the help that is offered to him...he will not be forgotten...

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  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    So sorry I did not know...praying for you you guys.

  2. My sympathies to you.

  3. I would give you, all the strong necessary for what it's happened..., so sorry.
    the big warmest hug from my heart for the dad of Emma, he seems a very kind of person.
    A lot of love and peace for all you
    (The dad of Ernesto, my husband, died in a similar situation, when he was 65 years old..., and my dad too...)
    I'll think about you.


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