Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Celebrating the Chinese New Year

We were invited to a celebration of the Chinese New Year by a local FCC (family of Chinese Children) group for Saturday and the for Sunday we were invited for a lunch at a Chinese restaurant, which we must go to again!  So here's some favorites from our busy weekend.  Emma woke up Sunday morning saying, "I had fun last night."  But then Sunday, I don't think she wanted to part from the stone pandas sitting in front of the restaurant!
Okay, I saw this on another blog, and decided to try it.  I laid out two white foam boards, and propped others up around her to create a backdrop and hopefully reflection.  My first attempt.  But I still cannot seem to get the hang of the focus on my camera.  I missed some incredible shots, totally blurred, even though the shutter speed was up.  These are not that great either, but the best out of the picks...
I have loved all things Asian since I was a kid.  My room as a tween was decorated with fans, ceramics, bamboo pictures, you name it...so there was a lot of eye candy for me and I snapped away!

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