Sunday, February 27, 2011

Putting Starbucks $ Back In Our Pockets

Once Dennis got hooked on Starbucks, we were spending a lot of $$$ a month.  That had to change.  Have to say the DeLonghi we purchased for $100 for Christmas is starting to put $ back in our pockets.  It really makes a difference and it really is better than going to Starbucks...not as quick, but worth it...
 Another change, even though small, is moving some rooms around to make room for Emma to have one big play room a/k/a the dining room, and for us to have some open space in the house again.  Archie has been very happy about his new spot in my new scrap room...

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  1. Awesome, Patricia! I love Starbuck's coffee!!! And I love your latest pages, too!!!


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