Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Like Momma Does

Been so into photography lately, having to slow down a bit.  But love getting sweet photos like this of my boy, Archie.  Emma is VERY jealous of him.  If she sees me holding him, she says no...put him down, hold me!  He still gets the attention he boy... 
The latest in crazes with Emma, is wearing her old 12 mos ladybug costume from two Halloween's ago. It still fits, she's grown more up, so I just put pants under the dress!  Have been trying to get in my scrap room and get some scrapping done.   Emma will follow me into my room, because she wants to do like Momma Does she says.  She'll spell out her name with some of my letters and even surprised me with this little smiley face...I let her use my stash ;)
 Little Ladybug wants to do everything Momma does!
She does make a total mess (this is nothing), more than even I can do in my room.  But it's sweet that she likes doing it like Momma does as she says...

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  1. She really is the sweetest! You have a new follower :o)


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