Sunday, March 13, 2011

PARK, New Flash, and Aunt Denise

Learning more about photography, and you can't help but get more very first time hooking up my external flash to my camera...having no idea what I'm doing right now...but even with that, I'm happy with the results of being able to get those candid photos inside with very low light.  Have a lot to learn about it, but I was really happy with the results so far...
I think Emma could live at the park.  She could swing for a solid 20 mins or more.  I had a Mom and her daughter come and go while we were still swinging her the other day.  But I took her to a different park this day, we went to the one with the trees, I call it.  I like it because at least it has some shade.  As long as she is swinging, she's happy...
Right in the bright sun, so not good light, but I brought my camera anyway to just practice.  It's a good outlet for me while having to swing her ;)  We met Aunt Lisa later for lunch and had a full day after...  
Today, we just picked up Aunt Denise, and Emma is sooooo excited!!!  She ran to Denise as soon as she saw her at the airport and hasn't left her alone!!! 

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