Sunday, March 06, 2011

Ready for Mardi Gras

Well, the only parade Emma has gone to so far is one with her Aunt Lisa at her work!  Hoping to make it Mardi Gras day though.  But we at least have the spirit going...painted our nails with the Mardi Gras colors...
 Emma wanted her toes too ;)
 And had a quick photo shoot...of course, she doesn't cooperate a whole lot.  She was trying to throw the beads at me, while I was holding my camera...not a good mix!  And then she'd shout "through me something mister."  And, of course, she would avoid the camera as much as possible...but I was very "lucky" to get just a few...

 I have to say even though you can't see her whole face, the the composition of this, I really like...and especially like that you can see that little smile under the tassels of the umbrella...
 We've been busy making a Mardi Gras float...and she made the mask at school...

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  1. Happy Mardi Gras!! We might do the zoo this week with Caleb I will let you know and maybe you can meet us :)

  2. Lovin all of these photos, Patricia!!!! The one with the umbrella is my FAV!


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