Wednesday, March 02, 2011

STM and BW Wednesday

(STM)Scrapping the Music's challenge song is "Chances Are" by Five for Fighting.  Had a little bit of a hard time with this because I knew from the words, I wanted to scrap the photo of Dennis and Clarence after the services for his Mom's funeral.  So I picked out the lyrics "you gotta cry before you can sing."  I can't even imagine what Clarence is going through.  And I know it was always difficult for Dennis and his brother and sister to get close to him because of missing their Dad so much.  Life was just very different after that loss.  But Clarence is still family regardless and he is still Emma's Paw Paw...  We are reaching out and it sounds like he is very excited about coming down this summer...
(BW)Black and White Wednesday...practicing a lot with my photography and wanted to see if my remote for my Rebel would work on my 7d and it did!  So I put the camera on my Gorillapod.  Along with the photography class, I've been reading A all that helped me to get this shot that I was so happy to get of my necklace I wear just about everyday that says "mother and daughter" in Chinese.  Another Chinese adoptive Mom had given this to me back in 2006 when were first logged in.   Since my Mom had recently passed away, I felt like it was more of remembering Mom.  The wait for the adoption was increasing and it was also a reminder of our one and only daughter to come.  Now, I wear it for many reasons:  the beautiful relationship I have with my daughter, the culture and country where she was born, how difficult it was for us to just have one child, and how perfect in every way she is. She knows what this says too.  It makes both of us proud...

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