Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter and Earth Day Celebrations at School

The director of Emma's school had seen some of my pictures on Facebook and asked me to take pictures at the Easter and Earth day celebrations.  I didn't think anything of it, but the sooner it came to the date, I started to get very nervous.  I started thinking about the time of day and how bright the sun was going to be...the worst kind of lighting.  I decided I would use my external flash and diffuser or at least have it in case shadows were really bad.  I am still not completely understanding how best to use the flash and had some problems...even though I didn't use the exposure I wanted for more creativity, I knew enough about exposure to get the most important thing, capturing the day and the moments and the sweet faces on these kids...
 Emma and her class were so excited when they saw the ponies pull up.  My mind was working overtime with anxiety as to how to get these pictures.  So many things going on in my mind about exposure and composition and what is it going to be like.  I did the best I could.  There wasn't that perfect background for every picture, there were two ponies going at the same time, and it was HOT.  Between my nerves and the heat, the sweat was pouring...
I think one of my most favorite shots is the one above on the the bottom right with the two boys.  Remember when I had to stay at the school for 2 and a half months before leaving Emma?  Well, those older kids would say I was one of the teachers!  I guess they saw me so much and I would interact with them.  I just love that photo of these boys.  The one of the left is a rascal and has a matter of fact personality, and both are as sweet as can be.  Just love them!

I'm so thankful Peggy asked me to do this.  It gives me the practice under pressure but without the pressure of someone paying and expecting my work to be to their liking.  I had to remember to take the pictures as I would normally, my style, my view even if I didn't always get the most beautiful composition.  The more I do things like this, I can learn to better relax and just enjoy taking the pictures and being with the people...and having the day and the moments to share and remember with them after...

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