Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Moments from Our Trip

Taking pictures and trying to enjoy a trip are always a challenge and then add a 2 and a half year old!  I snapped away though on our second and last day at the beach.  I kept my camera and camera bag in a huge ziplock baggie though to keep the sand away from the lens as much as possible.  I also kept only one lens on and didn't change out.  It was very foggy most of the time, which was great.  It made it not feel so hot.  But on the last day, there was a moment when the fog cleared away...
 Emma enjoyed playing in the sand the most.  Was a little scared this time around of the gulf water.  She ended up wanting to wear pants and a shirt.  Which was good considering how much sand she got on her ;)
There's not many of the three of us together, but got our feet!
Just a few from our trip.  More to come...  

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