Friday, April 15, 2011

More Beach Moments

We really were so lucky to have the weather not be so hot at the beach.  Although, had my 100 spf and still got a little burn (I have had skin cancer so white I will stay (sigh) ...  FYI...using lots of Kim Klassen's textures.  Look on the side of my blog and sign up for her textures to use in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.  I didn't think I'd like them, but fun playing with them...makes this look like a postcard ;)  And there's my camera bag under the orange fish all secure in the humungous plastic bag...
 It was soooo incredibly bright...even with the fog.  You didn't realize it until you'd close your eyes for a little bit and then open them.  But without the intense sun shining down, not only was the beach more fun, but it made for great pictures...
 Dennis was hard at work digging this hole that he thought would be a hour or so later, he realized how hard it was and broke the shovel while doing it ;)
 The hole in the sand was Emma's favorite.  She used to really like playing with her toys in the sand, but this was her highlight of the beach...
This cracks me up!  She picked out the shirt from a souvenir shop...she STILL loves skeletons...but the face and hands with the "here comes trouble" is just perfect!
The sand dunes are always so beautiful...lots of fun enjoying the beach and capturing it with my camera...lots more to share...
And again if interested in the textures...take a look at Kim Klassen's site.  I'm so glad I found out about her...  And if you like the new blog look, Rita from Coffeeshop is my favorite for learning so much...check out the wigit on the side of my blog, click on the coffee mug that says Digital Design Element Freebies, then scroll all the way to the bottom, and look for and click on Blogger Unwrapped...a wealth of VERY good information to make your blog the way YOU want it to.

Have a great weekend!

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