Monday, May 02, 2011

A New Shutterbug...

Last year for Mother's Day I got a Fuji Cheki Mini Instant Camera.  I thought it would be fun for not only me, but Emma.  Well, she was really afraid of the noise, so it terrified her when it shot out the little picture.  So I thought since she's really been wanting to take pictures like me, maybe she'd be okay.  Was she ever ready.  She actually would look around the house and think about what she wanted to shoot.  And she would look through that little view finder.  The icing on the was instant...and she could put them into the mini album right away...she's got expensive taste is all I can say!  The film for these isn't cheap!
 I couldn't believe how good she was at it...
 She was serious...
 Thinking out loud...hmmm....
 Looking through her masterpieces...notice the picture above with no boo boo and this one below with the little boo boo...she was so focused she tripped over the hose to ladybug sprinkler...but because she was so into taking pictures, it didn't bother her ;)
 Time to shoot again...
I tried carefully to get pictures of her without messing up her creative flow ;)  

And this is our new flag picked out by Emma...I tried to get her to pick another, because I knew she really didn't like snails, but I could see why, pink, and yellow are her favorite colors!

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  1. So fabulous!!! I love this, she rocks... and so does her mama ;o)

  2. awww look at her go, so cute!!!!

  3. Maybe I need to attend one of her classes, soon!!!!!!!


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