Monday, June 20, 2011

Emma Goes to the Dentist, Cupcakes, Father's Day Weekend

We finally took Emma to the dentist.  I don't think she would have done well at a young 2.  ...And I decided it would be a good idea for her to come with one of us for our next teeth cleaning.  She got to see me get my teeth cleaned, meet her doctor, and ride in the chair with me.  So I scheduled her appointment for the morning when she's fresh...  She did awesome!
 She doesn't look like it in some of the pics, but who would with someone's fingers and toothbrush in your mouth...
 Yeah, about what she does with us.  I think we tickle her sometimes, but you forget just how small their mouths are too ;)
 The hygienist was able to brush all of her teeth and then use her little tool.  So proud of how well she did.  They are also VERY good with kids
 And this is the doctor counting her teeth.  No problems...we told her that the doctor would be proud of her beautiful teeth.  And she got her little goodie bag and pretends to clean our teeth now with sticking things in our mouths ;)
Decided to try some chocolate cupcakes that I want to make for her birthday this past weekend for Father's Day since Dennis is a chocoholic like Emma.  She helped make the cupcakes this time, but I could tell she was getting tired and, like we normally try to do, I told her to go lie down in her bed, which usually doesn't happen...  She's only done this one other time, but I couldn't believe how quiet it was and sure enough...about an hour too!
I finished up the baking and needed to pull out the new cupcake holders I bought and took a double-take when I saw that it said "No muffin pans needed!"  What?  So most were done and no problem if the last few didn't come out right so tried it!
Could not believe.  So easy to fill with just holding the cup and filling half way and then placed on top of the cookie sheet.  They do flare out a little, but not a problem for me ;)
I knew this would be the cupcake for her birthday, the first time she asked for more to eat...did put a little chocolate chips in there to try, so will have to do more next time around...
Easy to bake and decorate.  Found the recipes on line.  Mom's Chocolate Cupcakes and Creamy Chocolate Frosting.  
We had a great Father's Day weekend and day spent at Wendy and Joey's with sweet Merrin.  Always enjoy being around them and their families.  And I love talking and eating good food with Wendy!  I'm checking those links out...thanks again, Wendy!   Hope everyone had a great Father's Day and/or weekend!

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  1. I am so glad you guys came we had a great time!!! I ate the cupcakes you left all by myself, they were so good, thank you!!
    OK I am so proud of Emma at the dentist!! I had Merrin come look at the pictures and she was screaming "I don't want to go to the dentist", her appointment is this Thursday so should be tons of fun, ha!

    See ya tomorrow!


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