Sunday, June 12, 2011

A New Lunch and/or Dinner Favorite and Beach Trip Album

I picked these noodles up at Target to try wanting something good but fast to fix and not have to stay in a hot kitchen with it being so hot outside.  They are not as salty as Ramen noodles, and Emma and I enjoyed them while Dennis was out of town a couple of weeks ago.
When Dennis got back, he tried it, and he liked them too.  It's great to throw in your own fresh veggies and meat.  I tried another brand this past week, and Emma said she liked these the best ;)
I can't believe that Emma will soon be 3!  And we will soon be celebrating 2 years together.  Her favorite colors are blue, yellow, and pink.  So I used the Silhouette to cut the banner shape on regular patterned paper, then traced that onto Hambly overlays.  Stapled them onto ribbon and hung them up.  Very soft and simple.  I haven't taken them back down since seeing how they looked...
Another project I did with the Silhouette and Hambly.  Of course, I wish the Silhouette would cut overlays and cardboard, but you can't have it all with one die cutting machine.  I did the same thing, picked a simple shape that I could quickly trace and cut from the Hambly overlays.  This was another banner shape, just rounded...I made it as big as it would go.
So the main pages are the rounded banner size.  I took the leftover pieces of Hambly overlays and made different sizes to add even more of a layered look.

Using all those Sassafras Lass border stickers, cards, stickers, and whimsies as well as October Afternoon stickers, I placed them back to back on either side of the overlays, so you see the design on both sides.

In the picture above and below, the classic negative camera film frame and the polaroid were also cut with the Silhouette.  I cut those first, measured the opening, and cropped the photos in Photoshop Elements to fit them.

I got the idea from Sassafras Lass' blog...someone else had made an album using transparencies with the stickers.  It inspired me so much, I had to do it.  And so glad I did.  It looks like it took hours, but this was the fastest and quickest album I've ever done.

Everything just flowed together without having to think too hard.

Unlike some of my other albums and some of my fault in adding too much bulk, I did not add thick embellishments at all on the pages inside, so it lays flat when closed.

It feels good to use product that you already have and it goes together so easily.

Emma loves to work with me in the scrap room, and she will pick up whatever she sees.  I didn't think she would pick up pages of the album as I was working on it...until I went to work on it a little and some of the pages had disappeared.  Luckily she hadn't cut it or marked on it ;)

You can see in some of these pictures that I did cut patterned paper pages to the size of the album and then did the same thing I did with the Hambly, used leftovers to make smaller pages in between for added interest and layers.

So with the pages that were patterned paper, I did have to worry about using stickers that were the same size and shape.

Didn't really have to add as much journaling as I normally do.  This page has the most.  I used letter stickers and/or stamps throughout most of the pages...

My favorite picture and page...

Fun little album to make...hope it inspired someone else like it inspired me.

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  1. I guess I didn't comment on this last nite!!! no wonder the post is still open on my desk top today! I get soooo distracted!!! LOL!!!

    can I tell you that those are my most favorite noodles in the world?! my Mom used to make them for me and my Sis all the time!!!

    I love the shapes you used for your hambly banner and that album, WOW!!! so much to see!!! I have to keep looking b/c I see something different each time!!!

  2. Your mini album is gorgeous! Love all of the fun details and the layers.


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