Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tacos, Biscuits, Mickey, and Power Outage

Wendy has got me into looking at recipes online a lot more...one is from Pioneer Woman.  I've always liked PW for her photography stuff...but never really tried any of the recipes until Wendy got me into it.  So saw this on PWs blog and tried it.  They are fried chicken tacos!  Oh my!  Messy to cook, but really doesn't take too long.  We've had a chance to try these with regular flour shells (shown below), wheat shells, and corn shells (what the recipe calls for).  So far our favorite for flavor are the corn shells...but the flour shells seemed to work better with frying and held up much better...Here's the recipe.  
And just a few moments from the past few days...from this past weekend when chickadee and I made a Hobby Lobby run, then a detour to Target via Cracker Barrel.  Little chickadee said she was wanting some biscuits.  How southern is that?!  And that's mayonnaise on her mouth, not gravy...yeah, doesn't sound good to me either.
And onto Target...could not resist taking a photo of how gorgeous the clouds were looking...absolutely stunning!  No one was coming behind so had to stop and get the shot...
And this one is from today...our run by the post office...I put her in her seat and couldn't believe how funny the Mickey Mouse balloon looked through the window.  She got the balloon from her and Dada's running around yesterday...  Anyway...had to grab the iPhone and shoot.  I don't know what I was doing...it looks like I was telling Mickey to say "cheese".  He's there though...nice reflection of the sky again.  I realized in the middle of the night that I was sleeping with Mickey.  He's a little balloon on a stick and she had tucked him under the covers right next to me...I noticed he's not sleeping with me tonight though ;)
And thankfully just about 3 1/2 or so hours of no power last night.  A transformer caught fire right by our house.  A little scary.  And chickadee cried a few times because she couldn't get the concept that you can't turn on a light, you can't turn the TV on, you can't turn the computer on...but what really got her to cry even more was when it was bath time and she had to use a lamp to take a bath...yep, I took it with her ;)
After she fell asleep, I snuck out as usual and did a little scrapping by lamp...
Lots going on this week.  We will have our new A/C put in!  It's been 15 years and we've been warned that we are on borrowed time.  So refinancing and getting that burden over with.  I think it will help in monthly costs in the long run being a better unit.

Ready for some down time to watch White Collar.

Will post later this week as to which princess is next in the Princess Ballet.

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  1. I stalk, um I mean read PW's blog too! have you learned a lot re: photography there? a friend sugested her once, but I never actually went to that part of her blog.

    those tacos look sooo tasty. now I want tacos AND biscuits! LOL!!!

  2. Hey! Those tacos look so yummy, will have to try that one too! Happy 4th!


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