Thursday, July 21, 2011

2 Years Ago...Happy Family Day!!!

2 years ago yesterday was the first time meeting Emma.
And today is the day we officially added another Roebuck to the family.  Emma couldn't be more perfect in every way.  We are so blessed to have this special little girl.

And, as you can see, Emma is much more of a handful than ever.  Just like 2 was a jolt in trying to keep up with her, 3 is worse so far...God help us ;)

Thank you, Wendy, for the is so adorable on her!
I kept telling her to work the camera.  She loves making these pouty faces...such a drama girl...I love this in black and white...
...this is the original...
Don't remember exactly when...but soon after turning 2, no more naps in her bed.  Sometimes she'll fall asleep in the car.  But chickadee is not ready for no naps, as much as she fights it or thinks she doesn't need it.  She is still not catching up on sleep since the 4th of July weekend...and once we went out in the car...she got some much needed sleep...thank God...
Oh, it's so hard being 3...
goofy little thing...
she had fun letting me takes some pictures of her...working it...
...then she finally said no more pictures...
We went out to eat for lunch at one of our fav restaurants.  Emma slept for about 45 minutes once we got back in the car. 

We picked up the cake and were ready to sing, "Happy Family Day."  This just makes me it!
Love my Family!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures....Happy Family Day!

  2. Patricia, she is such a sweetheart! Congrats on 2 years as a family! Happy Family Day to you and your huggy and sweet little girl!!!!!
    (I nominated your blog for the sweet blog award!)


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