Monday, July 11, 2011

Dare 179

I thought I was too late for this, but so glad to see I could still enter my photo.

Out of all of the pictures I take, I was having a hard time with this dare challenge.  But there was a reason for it, because I needed the perfect picture, not one with perfect exposure, or the right composition, getting those catchlights...but one of the very few pictures of the three of us together showing how much we love Emma.  So out of of all the great pics we got of us from Emma's birthday party, I picked this one.  I love it because we are all being ourselves, no posing, just exactly how we are...goofy, silly, and in love with our little chickadee.

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  1. Love this picture too!!

  2. love this photo!!! xo

  3. it's never too late to take on a dare! I adore this photo. You all look so happy. :)


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