Thursday, August 18, 2011

Princess Ballet Video, School Going Great

Finally got all of the video together to do this.  I love how pictures capture Emma's personality, but there's nothing like video...
To make the video bigger, just click on the four-headed area to the left of the word vimeo at the bottom of the video screen.

Princess Ballet June-July 2011 from Patricia Roebuck on Vimeo.

And school is still going great.  Each day, I've left a little sooner, and no problem.  Today, I left within just five minutes of getting there...and was a little worried.  Told the teacher to call me if they need too.  The teacher later told me she really didn't know why I thought they would be calling...because of how well she's doing.  But it's like night and day with her being at this new school.  She feel comfortable, and so it works for her.  She runs to me when I pick her up.  Today she was so excited, she had to bring me to each room and show me all of the sleeping bags (for the full-time students for nap time).  And then she  took me to the art room to get her artwork she had done.  She was just so excited.  Even played teacher tonight right before bedtime.

And more silliness right before bed time...I wanted to get a picture of her growing "Cars" collection, but she had other plans and ran at got "accessories."

It didn't take long for the teachers to realize she has quite a personality.  On the second day of school, I was doing some work with her before I left.  It was early reading work...doing the letter sounds...we were doing J.  So I was saying the J sound.  All of a sudden, as loud as she could, she belts out "Joy to the Word, the Lord (with a very New Orleans accent, Lawd) has come, let earth receive her King."  She's a mess...and at least she's comfortable and not afraid to let loose...

Hoping to find out my mammogram results as soon as I can.  The tech (which is a high school friend of mine) did great at getting under my arm.  So hope it is all well...

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