Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Favorite Playdates

...are those spent once a month at the park with other Chinese Adoptive Families...and with Wendy and Merrin...  This time we went to their house...Emma kept asking over and over again to go to their house. As soon as I saw Merrin's shirt, I laughed...Emma has the exact same shirt except short sleeve...
There's one thing that makes these girls a lot a like...and that one thing is "stubbornness."  They both have it!  Whether it's from their genes or just plain being 3 year olds...

Got some pictures of the girls swinging...
They didn't wear the same shirts, but they both had the same colors on!  The little fashionistas... 
 And playing in the sandbox...where the power struggles really took place ;)  The sandbox was just not big enough!
 But they really do play well together...we love seeing Merrin!
 Wendy and I just needed to be at the beach to cool off a little ;)  
 The days have been starting off pretty chilly in the 30's, but nice and hot by the afternoon...
 And sweet Merrin again.  It's going to be really hard picking Christmas card pictures this year.  Hopefully, will finish editing all the photos soon and be sending these to you, Wendy!  Thanks again for having us over!

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  1. The pictures look great, you did good! Always fun hanging out with you girls!

  2. Such cute photos, Patricia!! Your daughter (and her friend) are so sweet and lovely. :) Thank you so much for your visit to my blog, I always love seeing your comments, they make me so happy! (And they help me to visit here, and see what greatness you have going on!)


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