Sunday, November 06, 2011

Emma Can Ride Her Tricycle!

We had been waiting for this day to come!  She didn't quite get the "feel" of how to do it.  She's had the tricycle since she was 2, but she was also not quite tall enough.  For the longest we have had to push her...not anymore.
I think what helped too is she isn't wearing shoes.  I think she can feel it a lot better...
Running nose and all...she was flying down the street...

She went a pretty good long way too...about a mile.
We were all shouting and screaming up and down the street ;)
And when Daddy's Little Princess finally gets too tired to go back home, Dad does what he does best...
I am very   s l o w l y   feeling like myself again...but not there yet.   I have figured now that I have gotten sick once in August, once in Sept, and now once in Oct, going into Nov...I am not looking forward to the Winter.  So I am taking it easy right now.

One more thing to share.  Denise, Dennis' sister has always wished she lived closer to come hang out with Emma a little and give us time to do what we need to do.  She told us about a friend of hers that is here in the New Orleans' area going to school.  She came out last Wednesday, and Emma loved her.  But as I was listening really hit me that she gets one on one interaction all the time from us...what she needs is more time with kids her age, plus being more independent.  So I asked her teacher if she thought it was a good idea that she start going to school everyday, BUT still going half days.  She said absolutely.  A lot of kids are not ready, but she said Emma is.  She loves school, she wants the interaction with other kids (although she still clings to the teachers, she's gotten better though), she hates having to put her work away (now she can leave her rug and work out with her name on it for the next day of school).  Needless to say, she is VERY excited.

Being able to get necessities, grocery shop, going for my walks, taking care of things that otherwise always get pushed to the side will be a HUGE welcome to us.  We haven't had this since we've been home for over two years with Emma.  We haven't had ANY time without Emma.  Dennis has had to work on the pillows for our Pillows 4 me business after she goes to bed, working late and then having to go to work the next day.  I do the embroidering, so he usually takes her to the park or to Barnes so I can get that done.  This will be a huge help with helping to balance our lives out and getting the relief that we so very much need; and everyone is happy.  

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  1. So glad you are feeling a little better and hopefully back to yourself soon. I think that is great that Emma will be going to school all week, she will do fine and you definitely need the break and have time to get your things done. Love her on that bike, Merrin had her can now go bike riding!



  2. Wow! It's hard to believe Emma is already riding her tricycle by herself! She is absolutely beautiful! And, I love the pictures! You are quite the photographer!

    We have been home with our son for 6 months now and he likes to visit your blog with me to catch up on Emma too. It's part of our morning routine.

    I haven't posted on your blog in a very long time but we visit on a regular basis. And, I thought I should say "hello" (We took the HS yr to remember class together. And, we met on Also, our blog is hope you check us out and see our son Zachary.

    Take care & Blessing to you all,


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