Monday, November 14, 2011

Emma's Artwork and Handprint Made Into a Frame for Gift Giving

Emma has tons of artwork.  We have some framed, have put some in nice frames as gifts, and just have some saved because they were some favorites.

I have so many handprint ideas pinned on Pinterest, but since we are leaving in a few days, I was feeling the pressure to get it  So while looking in Michael's for something else...I realized these $1 unfinished wood frames would fit her handprint.  Then I thought, instead of painting it or having her color the frames herself (which I don't think she would have mass produced these for me as soon as we needed them), I decided to not only show off her handprint artwork, but her artwork as well...
 So using gel medium on the front of the picture frame, and then picking out some of her artwork, I laid the frame down on the back of one of the sheets of her artwork.  Now I cut it out around the frame both still a little wet and dry, and both times it doesn't cut well...tried a sharper knife too...I think the artwork paper she uses is very thin, plus it had been saturated in some spots with washable paint.
Next I used a little Gesso (or white paint) to all of the edges of the frames.
 They turned out to be a very artsy way of showing off her artwork...
 And thankfully, we have more of these to save to frame the entire thing just for us.  But this one was cut up and fit into the frames...I just traced the template that was in the frame around one of the handprints and cut it out.
 A really quick snapshot of how they came out.  I did seal them with another layer of gel medium on they really have an artsy kind of look with the shine to them.  I did find that I got bubbles where the paper wasn't sticking as well.  It's just a thought gift and I like imperfection.  But using your fingers instead of a brush may help more.  Also, using a brayer over the top helped seal it a little better too.
 So for Paw Paw, Aunts, Uncles, and friends that are close to Emma will appreciate these...
 I had her "autograph" all of them.  She told me she wasn't ready so I had to wait ;)  But then I finally got her to sign all of them...I put the date and her age on the back.  Since I had sealed these with gel medium, I had Emma use a sharpie to write her name.
 I love seeing her artwork on our walls and this one is a new favorite.

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