Friday, November 18, 2011

She's Sewing Now, and My Cousin, Cindy

Emma has seen the toy sewing machines in the store and twice has asked for one.  I told her, no way...we have a real one at home and we can show you how to use it.  Well, Dennis beat me to it, and she is a pro already.  
 Yes, I know, it's a little scary, but we never leave her unattended.  She can lift and lower the foot, cut the thread, lower the needle, you name it...well maybe not threading it yet, but we did show her that too. Of course, it helps to have a really sweet sewing machine ;)
 She did some artwork on some muslin fabric and then stitched it...
 She couldn't get enough...she kept wanting to stitch...
 I foresee this little one and I making some real things in the not too distant future...
And if that's not enough, here's some video of her she is a little distracted by the TV ;)
 My counsin, Cindy (with the short brown hair) came in town for a conference, so we didn't have much time to really spend together, but we were at least were able to meet her for dinner.  Haven't seen her in probably over 30 years!  
Haven't seen each other in so long, but then we checked where she is located in Virginia and she is on our route!  How perfect.  We are very excited to see her and her family as well as my Aunt Laura, and the old house where my grandmother lived.  I have little, and I mean very little memories of it...and I'm curious to see if it at all looks like what I have in my memories.

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  1. Wow, good for her. Blessings

  2. Can't believe she is sewing, I know she is going to be so crafty like her Mom! Merrin saw the video and now wants a sewing machine from Santa, I told her Auntie Patricia will have to show her when we visit because this mommy has no idea how to sew, lol!

  3. Emma is amazing! She's taking after her Mommy for sure! Sounds like you guys are having a great time!


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