Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving and Some Happy Scrapping News!

I'll have one more post on our trip...but these are from our destination...Virginia see family there.  We made the long journey because of the loss of Dennis' Mom in February and of his Uncle Billy in April.  The picture at the top and bottom right is of his Aunt June.  She and Billy always traveled and did a lot together.  They didn't have kids, so they could be on the go a lot.  We hadn't seen her since Billy had his stroke.

Emma loved seeing her Aunt Denise...although, she had a meltdown when Dennis' brother brought the foster kids they have right now (hoping to adopt), and didn't want to share her Aunt Denise...so that is why she has the pouty face ;)
Dennis' Mom had about 8 brothers and sisters (I lose count)!  So there were about 50 or so family members that came through Aunt June's house for Thanksgiving.  Pretty overwhelming...but Emma did great.  

The photo on the top left are the sisters; cousins playing on the hill next to the house (the kids loved that hill); middle right photos are of the family that we stayed with, Dennis' Aunt and Uncle.  Sweetest family.  We really enjoyed staying with them to get away from the over stimulation ;)  Bottom left is Dennis and Denise, his sister.  And last photo on the bottom right is Dale (Dennis's brother), Denise, and their Aunt Bonnie.
Emma really took to everyone...mostly.  There were times she wouldn't go to them, typical 3 year old stuff.  Then there are a couple of Uncles that can joke around and Emma doesn't like that kind of stuff and would cry...I'm right there with her...I'm not crazy about stuff like that either.

She really took to a second cousin on the top left.  Pulled her around the yard.  Top right is Dennis, Emma and Aunt Shirley.  Aunt Shirley gave Emma the Christmas dress.  Then the rest of the photos are from one of his Aunt's and Uncle's farm.  They have miniature horses, so many I couldn't count them all.  Beautiful property.

And I have to sneak this in because this is my very first time getting published in a scrapbooking magazine.  I showed Emma, she recognized herself, but she wasn't too crazy over it.  I thought I could get a picture of her holding the magazines, but no go...so here's a picture of my layout in one magazine...
And a mini album in another magazine.  I was shocked to see that my mini album was the first one for this article in the magazine!  It is so strange to see my work in here.  I'm resisting buying a copy because they are pricey.  I should get two copies of each though very soon...so holding out until then!  I may have to frame these ;)
More pages from my mini album in there...
The layout is in this magazine...
and the mini album is in this magazine...
Very exciting!  I had more picked up by Scrapbook Trends.  And then while we were on our trip, I got another layout picked up by Scrapbooks, Etc.  I knew it was difficult to get into this magazine, so I was shocked!  Then even more shocking news...I got another layout picked up by...Creating Keepsakes!  Yes, me!  I'm shocked and excited to say the least.

I have to say I never understood why anyone wanted to get published, but once I started this past June submitting, and then getting picked up, and now seeing my work in magazines...I understand.  It's a good feeling.

It's been an exciting day for me and for my friend, Linda!  But I'll wait and let her share her good news!  Proud of you, Linda!  

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  1. Look at you go!! Congrats on the pubs...I am going to have to go to find the magazines so I can check it out!! Congrats :)

  2. it WAS a GREAT day!!!

    thanks P!

    so proud of you too!!!

    : .)

  3. That is so awesome, congrats!!!

  4. Congratulations on being published in those magazines! How exciting it must be for Emma to see her face in the book! How cool!!! And, it looks like you all had a fabulous time with family.

  5. Holy cow, Patricia!! I'm so so so excited for you.!!!!! Congratulations! Yay!!!!!!! I love reading the adventures of your sweet family. I thank you so much, too, for always being so supportive and encouraging. I


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