Wednesday, December 07, 2011

December Daily and first 6 Days

Okay...I've been staying up late and in a way feel like I've spent too much time working on this...but this is my first December Daily and a learning experience.

So finally got some pictures...for the cover I used Martha Stewart's Pearl color paint after applying two goats of Gesso.  I used white ink and white embossing powder for the stamped image on top (Studio Calico exclusive stamp).  Sprayed the acrylic star with mist.  Ribbon from Michael's.  And for the numbers, I wanted something different...
They couldn't have come out any better...I love how it looks...
For the numbers, I picked a text in the Silhouette program (you could use Word or Photoshop and just cut them out yourself).  In Silhouette though, I had to type the numbers separate from each other, then used the offset tool to make them makes an outline around the number, so I just used the outside of the number and cut that.  

I glued a piece of cardstock that fit the number on the back, and then started gluing the lace down on the front of each number...
Let them dry, then cut out...
Some inside pages before each day starts...I did purchase the Studio Calico Ali Edwards December Daily Kit (sold out now), but also using from other Studio Calico kits or my stash...
I think I have embraced "finding Christmas" as my mantra this season.  Can't get enough of it!
Couldn't leave the back plain, so decorated the back of the cardboard calendar...used redline tape and silver embossing powder on the red tag.
Ali did these pockets in her album.  I thought I would want to do it in mine...only did this one so far (just got my order yesterday of the 81/2 X 11 protectors), but I think I may concentrate on the basics and then go back and add these goodies...the album is already full!
The back of the page pockets...
My official Day 1 of December - we had 8 pillow orders while we were away for Thanksgiving and they haven't stopped!  We are overwhelmed, but it's a priority and we're keeping up, more staying up sleep in December ;)  We're thankful though!

I'm doing basic, simple white, and just cut out the numbers and stars with Silhouette...stitching in red around every page...
Day 2 - We really don't do a lot with Santa, and even when I've talked about him, Emma doesn't get into him.  Last year, she asked why is he there and there and there...I cannot tell even the littlest of a lie to her...she picks up on it right away.  So reluctant to do the Elf on the Shelf (besides a little creepy), but she does have fun finding him each morning...

Day 3 - Life is hectic, so we decided to keep the family photo this year simple.  Inside rather than outside, and I used the external flash.  Not a flattering pose for me, but still I think it's my favorite photo ever because Archie just climbed right up on me and then looked so cute in the photo with all of us...

Day 4 - to the "Big" Mall.  Emma remembered doing the train last year, and wanted to do it again.  She also loves the Disney Store and her newfound love is the Build a Bear store.  We decided sooner rather than later...  I brought my camera and had a blast taking pictures of EVERYTHING.  

One cool tip I discovered, well I was desperate.  I don't shoot in RAW because of the file size and amount of photos I take.  The white balance in the Build a Bear store was I did a custom white balance on the grey part of her stroller...worked like a charm.  Once you do a custom white balance a few'll be so happy you did with times like these to capture that moment...

I made my own storyboard collage.  It is really easy...if questions, let me know...too much on one post already ;)

I know it's simple, but it's daily, so just looking at the overall 25 days...but I think this is one of my favorite pages...
Day 5 - Another favorite of mine.  I took a picture of the cards in envelopes with the Santa stamp that Dennis and Emma helped me do on each of them...made it the size of the protector, and decorated on top...
Included our Christmas card.  Template was free from Becky Higgins.  I just printed them at home on matte photo paper, glossy would be nice too though.  I have an Epson R1800 which gives very high quality.
For this page, I used the negative sheet from cutting out the numbers for the December Daily pages, sprayed with the exclusive Studio Calico mist, handstitched around each one (little too much time), journaled, and decorated.
Day 6 - Another storyboard collage I did myself.  I wanted it to fit my needs exactly, so that worked for me.  Here, I wanted to document how Emma has little places all over the house that she has set up exactly as she wants.  She wrapped one of her presents in fabric and ribbon, she takes ornaments off the tree (puts them all over), has added "her" animals of all kinds to the manger scene, the star on her tree was supposed to be for the big tree...on and on...

I think this has got to be my all time favorite photo of Emma (right now anyway) that's it...need to decide what to do for day 7...before or after I cook ;)
Had to include a bigger picture of this one...more to come ;)

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  1. WOW!! this is an amazing dd! i really love how you did the cover of your album.
    P.s. Yes, she's in an absolute doll! soooo cute.

  2. I love the numbers on your cover - they almost look like you formed them from snow! And your daughter is just so precious!

  3. I love how it's coming together! Love that you are using so much white and stitching in red.

  4. This is beautiful! I love the ruffle numbers, so cool!

  5. Wow, your DAILY is AMAZING! I so love what you did. Fab textures throughout. LOVE that. I bought the SC kit too. I was glad I did; loved the size and format. It was my first DD too and I found it a bit difficult to keep up! I still have a few blank pages in mine and must get back to it sometime....

  6. Hi!
    I'm planning on doing DD this year for the first time, and am surfing for inspiration. I saw your posts on the 2 Peas board.

    Can you please tell me how you did the little pictures in Photoshop Elements?
    The storyboard collage, I mean.

    Your album turned out really great, by the way!

    My nephew is also adopted. He is from Korea and this year he turned 12. He had a Korean flag on his b-day cake for the first time.


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