Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Music Box Dancer-A Special Post for Dean and Kathy

There's a very special story behind this very special song and gift.  One that will be included in our December Daily 2011 for today.  

Emma has discovered the ice cream truck...yes, it doesn't get as cold here in the Fall as other the truck was still coming by our house up until Thanksgiving.  Emma asked Dennis if he knew what song the ice cream truck was playing...he didn't know, but said that I would probably know...  So when Emma asked me, I told her, that's a very special song with a history behind it, called The Music Box Dancer...and started humming it...she got the biggest grin.  I downloaded the song on iTunes and it has been played several times around here.

So the next time the ice cream truck came by, she decided to ask the truck driver if he knew what song he was playing.  I told her he probably wouldn't know, especially if he wasn't old enough at the time it came out.  Sure enough she asked and he didn't know...we told him a little about the history of the song ;)  He was so sweet to listen to her and us.
While we were staying with our friends, Dean and Kathy, as we stopped on our way up to Virginia, we told them about the song and the ice cream truck.  Kathy decided she was going to be on a mission to find a special music box that played that exact song.  They must have gone to every store, until they actually found one!  It couldn't be more perfect.  It has a ballerina dancing to the song and is a little purse when you close it.
I was lucky that Emma let me get a picture of it or her...and I got quite the photos of her dancing around to it!!!  
I knew when she would hear the music, she'd get that big smile first and then just get all giddy...
We can't thank you enough, Dean and Kathy.  To hear us talk about how she loves this song and then to look specifically for a music box playing this song...and with ballerinas!  Very thoughtful and so meaningful.

Today for school she brought it for her share day (show and tell)...

And the video of Emma opening her present.  Click on the four-headed area to the left of Vimeo at the bottom to make the screen bigger.

Here is the YouTube video of the song as well as the history behind it.  If you're like me and were old'll remember this song as soon as you hear it (unless you're like Dennis and didn't get into music when you were young ;)

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