Friday, January 06, 2012

Lisa's Birthday, Mardi Gras Tree, Crack in Ceiling, Project Life Album and Title Page

New Year's day was also my sister, Lisa's birthday.  I went to LaMadeleine's to get her favorite cheesecake and discovered they are discontinuing it...I think my mouth fell open...that was the best cheesecake I've ever she got tiramisu instead...
 this must have happened at school, because Emma has never had a problem with the smoke from blowing out instead of blowing out her candle, Lisa, pinched it...
 this pic almost went to the trash bin...but I love her innocent little face next to her newly decorated mardi gras transitioning gets a little more sensitive as she gets to help ease out from Christmas, we let her keep her tree in her room to decorate through the year (we'll see)... her "pretty" smile for the camera...
 well, "Joy" (made up of penguins and snowmen holding the letters for Joy) as well as the rest of the Christmas decorations are finally all put away...however, Dennis almost fell through the ceiling while putting them in the attic...I will never forget seeing my dad's leg come through the ceiling at our childhood house...ahhh, good memories ;)  sorry, Dennis...but he got it fixed already...
 And this album has more gesso and paint on it then it should because I kept changing my mind...I finally did a woodgrain etch in the gesso and then painted over it...used gel medium to put the embellishments on it and then sealed it...
 not flowing yet with this project...but here's some of my favorites for a title page...thanks for the inspiration, Linda!
I still don't like football...but have to cheer along with Dennis' team...
it'll be a tense game...lots of texting going on...

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  1. well it may not be "flowing" but it looks fantastic.

  2. Awesome job on your PL! It looks great!

  3. Great work! Love your tree and your daughter is cute as can be, so full of personality!

  4. Your album looks great so far. I really like how you did the cover. And what a pretty little princess!

  5. Loving the photo's Patricia!Looks lika yummy cheesecake!
    Emma is so sweet and beautiful! No way you had to throw that pic that one!!
    Great idea for keeping the tree, i can imagine all the great things you can put in there all year long!
    I love your cover, all that paint and gesso! Gesso is so great to work with, I always cover up my messing up ;)
    And wow...awesome titlepage!Love the tabs and the colors, such great little details!

  6. I totally agree, "Roll Tide, Roll!!" also, OMG, love the idea of the tree being decorated for different seasons/holidays! And, I'm as always, inspired by your album! Just beautiful!

  7. You're off to a fantastic start. I love your wood grain look - what a great idea! Love the birthday snaps!


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