Thursday, March 01, 2012

Project Life, Week 8

I picked up where I left off.  I don't worry about each week fitting within one or two pages.  If they spill over or not enough for a page, that's fine...I date stamp them.  This is life and a huge project, and I love it like this...breaking rules ;)  So instead of using the backside of the pattern papers I had there already in the last two pockets (it didn't work with the photos), I picked out different papers, and moved on.
I am slowly getting faster and getting into a groove.  One thing that helps is using Photoshop Elements. For the small pockets, I open a document/canvas in the custom size of 2.88x3.88.
Sometimes I will use the phone apps to make collages, but this works just fine too.  I drag and drop the photos (all of these are iPhone photos), I resize them to fit next to each other and so that I can at least add a little journaling.
Since upgrading my Mac's operating system, my Epson R1800 printer won't let me customize any size to print anymore.  So I trick it to print this 2.88x3.88 size.  I open a 4x6 document/canvas, drag and drop the 2.88x3.88 document/canvas and position.  I put more than one to save paper and print.
Opening a 4x6 document/canvas...I also use this for the 4x6 pockets.
I drag and drop...but I know the pocket is 4x6 (because that is the pocket next to fill), so I play with the size and position as if I were placing photos on a 4x6 piece of paper.  Once I like it, I push them together, add any other photos that will fit (to save paper), and print.  I usually make sure there is enough room for journaling and maybe some embellishing.
When I look at this now, I realize it may not look simple, but it really is.  Now that I have my photos printed for their corresponding pockets, I cut them out and grab papers, stickers, embellishments.  I don't want to spend as much time as I used to when I first started this project.  This is for us to look back on.  So I pick papers, stickers, embellishments fast.  If it looks good, great, if not, grab something else.  Could be better options, but I again, too much energy spent on it, and I move on.
I have loved being able to capture the little moments with the iPhone or like at the zoo, I don't want to bring the big camera, but enjoy the visit and being with my daughter.  But I do get very tired of the poor quality, so there is nothing like taking the photos with the DSLR.  Those pictures, get printed a little bigger and take center stage.  Photography is my passion and it's one of the ways for me to also be creative.

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  1. I love that you are a rule breaker!!! Your project life is so unique and creative and GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for the idea about the tiny canvas in photoshop elements. I've been using bigger canvases, but I never thought to do that and it's genius!!!

  2. WoW, just WOW! Love how you are making this your own and breaking the rules. I am particularly fond of the photos spread over more than one pocket. Love it!

  3. gorgeous, love the photos of her in the pink car!


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