Sunday, June 24, 2012

Patriotic Wreath

I kept thinking and thinking about what type of patriotic wreath I wanted...then I decided I would start with pinwheels.  Once I had a general idea, I went to Michael's and picked up this glitter tulle and wood wreath (after fooling with the tulle, I would not get again...look at the glitter mess!)
 I wrapped the tulle around the entire base.  Then I started making the pinwheels.  Pulled out my favorite supply lately...wire...and wired the backs...of the pinwheels...
 ...then wrapped and twisted around the base of the wreath.
 Did the same for the hook...except, instead of around the base, just through the tulle on the back, then twisted it around itself to make the loop...made the bow...and now...hmmm...still not quite enough...
 So I pulled out my red wire and just wrapped around the entire wreath...see all that glitter...never again!  But it sure is pretty!
 Then I remembered the Christmas tree I did with the red wire stars back in 2008...and made some of these...I do them by is okay that they don't look perfect...just make the shape...
 Kind of goes with the whimsical look...I did use a stylus embossing tool to help define the going into the point of the star, and squeezing the ends around the stylus.
 Then I wrapped wire around the stylus to make some curly q's...
 And then my friend, Linda, had emailed me about an idea that and I pinned
...that inspired me to make washi wire...

Wrapped washi tape on both sides of the wire...pleated it and glued it behind the bow with Beacon Fabri-Tac glue...the wreath is starting to look better...
 I had another idea...
 I used these Studio Calico rubon stars, rubbed onto pattern paper...cut out...
 ...and wired these...
 Pulled in some of the Authentique stickers as well...I just put them on pattern paper and cut around them so the backs wouldn't be sticky...pierced, and wired as well...
 Looped around the wreath...I wrapped the wire around the brad on the pinwheels...and slid the stars where I wanted them.
 To attach the wire...I made sure it was wrapped around, and then twisted it around itself...
Once I played around with the wiring and placement of was done!  A fun...patriotic wreath!

Right now, Paper Issues is having a Patriotic/Picnic theme...I would love to see what you up here...

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Have a great Sunday!  XOXO

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  1. Oh. My. Heck! That washi tape tip is GENIUS!!!! I can't wait to steal it! <3 Thank you!!

  2. That is FANTASTIC. LOVE the idea of the wire and washi!

  3. OMG! I love this!!!

  4. absolutely stunning, loooove♥

  5. Your wreath is wonderful! What a gorgeous 4th decoration. Love the washi wire (gonna have to steal that one)!

  6. Super cute!!! :)
    I made the same mistake of using the glitter tulle for a project ... ugh, it DOES get everywhere!!! :)

  7. You seriously make me want to run out and get some wire... this is SO COOL!

  8. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Oh my WORD!!!! LOVE everything about this! I love your tutorial, I love all the details and I am head over heels for that washi technique!!!! You rock!

  9. EEEEEK!!!!! This is so cute I can hardly stand it! You are so inspiring!!!

  10. I just love your wreath ...and I understand what you mean about the glitter! LOL!

  11. Holy moly...wreath is fantastic!LOVE the wire washi tape trick too!!

  12. This is great.

  13. Like the Patriotic creations. I'm a new follower of your blog. I'm becoming a follower of each participant in this fun blog. Clicked on FB Paper Issues like.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  14. That is awesome, and your tutorial is great :)

  15. Wow, this is beautiful, amazing and creative. LOVE it. The washi wire tip is genius!

  16. Wow, this is awesome. I love the trick with the wire. I will try that.

    Sew Sweet N Crafty

  17. I love this wreath, the washi/wire tip and seeing how you put it all together! Super pretty!

  18. This is just amazing! Love all the details!

  19. OH WOW!! That's an amazing tutorial and what a gorgeous wreath!

  20. This is the funnest wreath ever! I am so grateful to you that you let us in on the thought process for the project -- no glittered tulle for me! Easy wire shapes? check. Washi wire banners? check! pinwheels? check. Simple ribbon around the wreath? check! If knew how to pin it I would so everyone I know could see what a cool artist/crafter I've discovered! This is my first time with a Paper Issues hop so everything is new to me and I'm so excited!

  21. Popping in from Authentique to comment how I love your tutorial and of course, your wreath! LOL! So cool! An honor to be featured with you! Happy 4th :)


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