Wednesday, October 03, 2012

More Christmas Cheer Inspiration from Lily Bee

Day 3 of Lily Bee Christmas Cheer Inspiration.  I have a few cards to share, but Lisa Dickerson and Melissa Mann have some amazing projects using this collection up on the Lily Bee blog today. 
I {LOVE} blue and red together and is mostly the Christmas decor I use at home.  I wanted to show off the very cool retro vintage look to this collection.  I kind if feel like this card has an "old" Christmas look to it. 
 To get the look of these banners, I used a red gelato from Faber Castell.  I rubbed the crayon on a non-stick mat, watered it down, then "painted" the banner stamp from the collection, stamped on plain cardstock and cut out.  I did add a little more watered down soft brown around the edges...very very subtle.  I used a stamp marker to ink each individual letter from "Joy" to stamp on each banner.  I loved the look of this so much, I will do again!
 I will share a creative secret here...I wish everything I did came together just like that...but I had been having this Christmas tree card in my head for the longest, but as I tried to get what was in my head on paper, it didn't follow through.  This was my third attempt and still not my favorite.  But I am showing because it may inspire you to make something super fabulous!
 Love silver embossing embossed the banner stamp over and over again, cut them out, and grouped together as a tree...lots of stitching.  The banner with "peace on earth" was cut with Silhouette...stitched around it and the love how you can fit all the tiny letters on there.
 I was still going with the "tree" look again for this card.
 ...but this time I used the banner stickers and turned them upside down and tucked in between torn pieces of paper...3 different patterns in green (from the 6x6 pad)...the added arched stitching I think really added to the look of "hills" too.  This was a super quick card.  I think this is a "doable" card for making lots Christmas cards to give out.  And I love I added a partial stamp of the snowflake onto the a shipping tag I got from Office Depot.  It was glossy and I used chalk ink, so I used the heat gun to blow over it to make it permanent.  I found this great label that is not an exact match, but very close to the stickers Lily Bee I cut one larger to back the label.  Here's the file if you are interested...Flourish Labels
Emma is home today with me...we are both sick...well, now we are all sick, Dennis too.  Of course, he blames me.  Hoping to get some rest today (that doesn't happen) but "try."  Hope everyone stays well!

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  1. these are all fabulous, but I love the turquoise and red the best! : .)

    boo on being sick! I hope you all feel better soon!

  2. Loving this collection!! Your cards are awesome!!

    Hope you all feel better soon!!

  3. Gorgeous cards!! Love that paper, it is beautiful.

    Fell better!

  4. All adorable cards!
    And I so get what you meant with the second card.
    That happens to me all of the time!!

  5. Oh, I LOVE these- love the beautiful colors and the way you pulled it all together. SO beautiful!

  6. THESE are fantastic! Hope you feel better SOON!

  7. hope you're all feeling better soon! i LOVE all these cards & think the tree is super fabulous! your stitching is always amazing! i have the 6x6 pad in a cart- better go check out LOL!
    LOVE these papers!

  8. Love your merry and bright card - great idea with the hills and trees! Hope u all feel better soon, we've been passing a nasty cold around for about 3 weeks!

  9. OH WOW! These are all so amazing! That pieced christmas tree is so cute and the stitching is awesome!

  10. love the tree of triangles! going right to pinterest in case I ever actually make a card!

  11. Lots of great ideas here...the gelato technique, the pattern-on-pattern technique from the first card, the pieced tree from the second card, and the landscape with the mini trees from the third card...thanks for all the ideas!

    Hope you and your family feel better soon.


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