Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Project Life, Weeks 48, 49, and 50

I have lots of Project Life to share.  If you notice I've skipped week 47...I did that one-page spread for an upcoming Paper Issues theme.  And if you had a chance to see my Q&A post about Project Life, one of the things I talked about is that I've started using more of the white grid cards from Becky Higgins.  These few weeks are mostly with those cards, October Afternoon tid bits, silhouette cuts, washi tape, stamps, and a few embellishments.  And one new tool I've incorporated is my Mom's old typewriter.

Week 48 - the end of November and the start of December...
Have some close ups you can enlarge by clicking on them...

Week 49 - Non-Christmas events...so keeping the day to day regular events separate from my December Daily...and there's still tons to document for both.
Close ups...

Week 50 - this one ended up being a two-page spread...thought I could make it a 1, but I wanted all of this documented...and unlike the traditional PL format...the pages are not side by side...they didn't fall that way, and I'm fine with that...I'm not making something pretty to be published, it's just for me and my family.
 And here's the second page of Week 50.  I still only used the white grid cards, and the other items I listed above, but I added some of the Basic Grey Fact or Fiction transparencies and ephemera. 

Later in the week I'll have some American Crafts Christmas layouts to share as well as some December Daily.

Paper Issues is having a Project Life and December Daily theme right now.  Head on over for a chance to win some wood stamps from amandaroseblog.typepad.com and link up your Project Life and December Dailies.

Use my code:  PATRICIA in the shop for 20% off...Cassie is always stocking the store, so check back frequently.

Prayers to everyone affected by the events from Friday...I can only say everyone has been on my mind, my heart, and in my prayers.

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  1. gorgeous, as always!!!!

  2. Ha ha... Love the pic of Emma sleeping with the crown on.
    I guess it had been a long day for a little angel..! :-)
    Well done on keeping up all the good work on these pages. I start
    out with the best intentions,....Maybe next year! /xoxo

  3. Love!
    And so cool that you have the typewriter for journaling!!

  4. amazing & beautiful as always!


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