Thursday, January 17, 2013

Enjoy the Ride - American Crafts

It is Silhouette Week on the American Crafts blog.  My assignment was a tutorial and was posted on the blog yesterday here, but head over to the blog for all of the inspiration...I've been pinning...lots of inspiration.

Here is my finished project, which by the way, I was excited to hang somewhere in the living room or my scrap area...but Emma has claimed it, and it is hanging in her bathroom.  And rightfully it should, it used to hang in her bathroom with old beach photos of her before turning 2.  
Step 1:  The project started in Silhouette Studios, and I have a video of that portion showing you how I changed the colors of the print and cut flowers, made my own unique title, and using the sketch pens.  
 This is an old Fancy Pants frame that measures 21x12.  I had been wanting to re-do it, and finally ready to get it done.
 2) Now that I have my title and flowers cut and sketched from the Silhouette, I’m going to add different pieces of pattern paper to the back of the title using the Soho 6x6 paper pad.
3) Once the title is finished, I adhere the cardstock to the acrylic (this frame has acrylic instead of glass, but a glass frame would work as well).  Since the frame is larger than 12x12, I added another piece of cardstock, trimming the end, and lining up the seam as best I can.  Next, I start placing the print and cut flowers along with Soho stickers and flowers, 5th and Frolic brads and buttons, and Amy Tangerine leaves.  I just laid them out first to decide how I liked the look before adhering anything.  As I laid the flowers and embellishments out, I found it was a good idea to put the frame over the design to see what would show and where to place things.

 4) I added one more cut file to this project, the bike (which was the inspiration for the design, and from there the "flower power" 70s feel to it came).   The original design of the bike points to the left.  From the menu in Silhouette Studio, I did Object-Transform-Mirror Options-Mirror Right.  I used some foam adhesive on some of the flowers and the bike to add a little more dimension.  A tip:  cut the foam adhesive in half when adhering to small cut files like this.

6) Hang up your finished project and enjoy! Thanks for taking a look!

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  1. this is so fun Patricia, loving the title work and color combo!

  2. This is so adorable! I love that spattering of flowers!

  3. how adorable is this!


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