Thursday, February 07, 2013

My Little Spicy Girl - Noel Mignon

I knew I had to get the Noel Mignon February Lasting Love kit (now sold out)...and as soon as I got it, I couldn't resist digging into it.

I save and sometimes even cut backgrounds with the Silhouette just to use as a mask.  I loved the contrast with the blue background and all the shades and tints of red, I decided to use that Heidi Swapp mist with a heart background.
I wanted to soften the look of the misting, so I sprayed some white Studio Calico on top...all over let that dry good before going on.  It does leave that chalkiness, sometimes I'll seal it with gel medium or Mod Podge, but left it as is.
I have a stash of photos...and I've been pulling a few of Emma when she was either a baby or around two (secretly wishing she would not grow up so fast)...she was two and a half here and wearing her little Asian outfit with her favorite blue flower...we were headed to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  So once the photo was picked, the Asian flair took over.  I cut the cherry blossoms.  It is a group of 3 of them, but cut them apart, and adhered.  The cut out envelope was perfect too for the look and feel of an Asian layout.
 I used to rip paper a lot when I started scrapping...just starting to do it again, sometimes it just adds to the dimension to a layout.  And since there was so much on the layout, I did back it with another piece of white cardstock.
February and this photo of my daughter are bittersweet...just a few days after this photo, my Mother-in-Law died from a heart attack, on the 8th...and Feb 18th will make 7 years since my mother's sudden death as well.  My father and father-in-law are also gone.  I have so many emotions looking at this photo of Emma, and I think that is why I came up with the title "full of life."  She would have loved her grandparents, of course, but she doesn't miss them, because she never knew them.  With the emotions of that, I remind myself how much she is loved by family and friends.  She brightens up any room with that smile as well as our lives.  It's funny how so many emotions can come from one photo...
Oh, and by the way, the reason I call my daughter my spicy girl is because she was born in the Hunan Province where the food is very spicy ;)

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  1. Oh, this is lovely! Such a wintery, Valentine feel to your page.
    So sorry for your losses. Evan and Erin are lucky to still have three of their grandparents here and in town. I really cherish that for them.
    But I do wish they could have known my grandparents a bit more!

  2. beautiful layout and beautiful sentiments!!!

  3. love the title of your post and what a precious layout--GREAT job!

  4. So pretty Patricia! Love the hearts in the background and the Red/Pink with the Blue is gorgeous! Hope you guys have fun on your trip to DW!! :)

  5. The anniversary of the death of a loved one is always hard, especially when it's a parent or other close relative. Sending you hugs. I'm glad that you can also see happiness in this photo, though, with Emma's sunny smile. She sure is a cutie!

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss *huge hugs* I LOVE the layout, and I guessed Hunan before you explained it. I remember when we were awaiting our application with the agency hearing about the different provinces and the different ways of remembering them (and then we went with Vietnam!)


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