Friday, February 01, 2013

Project Life Setup

Hey, everyone and Happy Friday!  

I mentioned earlier this week about getting a little more organized with Project Life, and after I finished week 4 and had everything out and messy...decided to take some pictures to share.
 This is a small room that I share with my daughter for crafting and as you can see my cat, Archie, too.  So I don't have a very pretty, elaborate's more functional.  

I had seen these polka dot bins from Target and wasn't too sure if they would work.  Organizational supplies can get pricey, and I didn't want to spend a whole lot.  I am beyond lucky and thankful to be designing for three manufacturers, a kit club, and anything else I buy, but it was getting way out of hand, and I needed a solution.  As soon as I got home and tried them out, I felt like I could breathe again in this little space.  Perfect.  They are Itso and I get the Itso containers at Target too, which come in different sizes.  I have some inside the polka dot containers to help different lines and kits stand upright and I also have them on top.  This is also my tiny space to work on PL...I just finished week 4.
Here's the top view of the containers on top.  The container on the far right is amazing...stalked Target until those came back.  They are also in the organizational section...but a little further up closer to the kitchen organizational supplies...that one is my favorite, because the compartments are tall and great for Thickers, stickers, embellishments, etc.  And a very heavy duty acrylic.  I think it's meant to be for your closet or a drawer.
 A more big picture of my mess.  This is to the right of where my cat is sleeping.  The pink containers stacked on top of each other are perfect for the wood veneers.  The clear ones as well, just taller, great for larger wood veneers.  I got these at Hobby Lobby, and very inexpensive.  Finding the right organizational items for scrapbookers is like finding the right personal and when you find what works, you stick with it!  Yes, I use Baby Powder to scrapbook...I use it all the time on stickers to take the stickiness away so I can pop dot them ;)
 Okay, back over to the left and above the bins is a shelf on the wall.  I am constantly buying these white stands from Target.  They are $4.99 and if you notice I had those on the big workspace as well...this has been such a huge help.  I stalk them until they get more and then buy them all out.  I just got Emma some and will be back for more for her.  So this little setup is more for Project Life. The Itso container on the top left from Target.  The pink one is a Dollar Tree find.
 The bottom acrylic is a shorter version of the one you saw on top of the polka dot boxes that has taller compartments...this one is shorter and I was so happy that my 3 for a $1 little square containers there in the middle from the Dollar Tree fit perfectly inside.  Lots of die cuts from manufacturers plus ones I cut with the Silhouette, and stamps I know I will always use with PL. 
 Inside the little pink container are tags.  The orange container was another 3 for $1 at Dollar Tree.
This is something I thought about doing, but never took the time to do...but when I saw Elizabeth Manna do this on Instagram, it pushed me to do it.  I took all of my 6x6 and 8x8 paper pads and cut them to fit the 4x6 and 3x4 (a tad smaller than that) pockets.  Best thing I could have done.  Love this.  I plan on cutting more pads, but I have plenty for now ;)
 So right next to all of my pre-made cards are more die-cuts and embellishments.  I use EVERYTHING I have, new and old for PL, but having it grouped like this has made the process a lot more enjoyable and faster...
 Nothing fancy, but I'm loving my new setup, and wanted to share.

Have a great weekend...thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Love all this organization! :)

  2. Lots of great storage space!
    I love those stands you have from Target that allow you to store more containers underneath!!
    And great idea to cut up the paper pads :)

  3. Love your space! Looks so bright, fun , organized!

  4. I love Target containers too. They are cheap, easy to find, cute (I just bought one with rainbow hearts on it), and usually made in the USA. I like supporting American companies when I can.

  5. Great storage ideas, I love those Target containers. I am so inspired by all the project life photos, I keep seeing. I am going to have to make it a goal to start one this year.

  6. SO fun to see your space :)

  7. such a great space! love to see your 'real' working space & it's neat to see how you group/organize things! my fave thing of all is that you share your space with Emma and Archie :) makes it even more fun!

  8. Ohh- I love seeing other people's scrap space! I share an art studio with Gracie and it's pretty big but with all her stuff and all my stuff it can get crowded fast. I have so many different interests that I have to dedicate small spaces for each one, and I'm messy when I work in my art journal!

    I have to tell you, that bin of cut 6x6 pads made me swoon a little bit. I have a weakness for small pieces of patterned paper and that spoke to me ;)

  9. Love it and all your goodies are fabulous!!!!!!

  10. What a great set up! It's fun to see how you work on your PL. :)

  11. I too like that you showed us the "real deal" cause I thought for sure you were one of those "neat as a pin" studio gals! I keep reading about deals to be found at Dollar Tree and have to admit, I only went there once last year! I need to get there more often!

  12. I use those target Itso containers too! The one squarish long one fits the Bigz dies perfectly.


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