Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My View from my Car Window - Lily Bee Layout

Hey, Everyone!  I had a layout up on the Lily Bee blog yesterday with the super talented, Summer.  She created a stunning layout...you will be inspired, I know I was when I saw what she did.

What is outside your window is the theme.  But instead of from my house, I picked this photo driving across the "World's Longest Bridge" {and still is} over water.  China now has the longest, but it is over land AND water.  Yes, I say all this, we are still proud to be the longest first! ;)

Okay...so I worked for 20 years, and the majority of that time was a 60+ round trip daily commute.  I grew up on the South Shore, near New Orleans...was born and raised...so I haven't moved far from home.  So all those memories start to stir whenever I drive across the lake, I get all kinds of random thoughts of what was, what is, and what will be...all from one view (it is a 24 mile bridge, so lots of time to think)...so I decided to write those ramblings down, and get them out of my head.
 I put the entire sticker sheets through my typewriter...I didn't trust it going through the printer.  And just randomly picked labels and thought.  I did make a few boo boos...but embracing imperfection.
 This was actually a very emotional layout.  It may have caused me to eat sugar, which I had been trying to avoid.  It stirs a lot of feelings:  sadness, loss, hopes, new life.
 I pop dotted some of the labels and grouped them.  The ones on the left are memories...the ones on the right are how life is now and having an optimistic attitude of how life has changed so much.
I would say this was in a way a therapeutic layout.  It is also a little peek into me...hopefully for Emma to read and understand a little more about who "Mom" was...
Thanks, as always, for stopping by!  Hope you have a great day.

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  1. Love the design of this and how you used all those tags. I like that you chose to document your thoughts and get your feelings out.

  2. What a great design, and I love this idea for a layout. I often don't scrap about me, but it's true....I think these are layouts that my girls would cherish in the future. I need to do a bit more of it!

  3. This is just lovely, Patricia!
    And a great design.
    I have been finding myself getting emotional lately over things from my childhood and college days :)

  4. Beautiful page Patricia...and it's always good to have a therapeutic layout in there every once in a while. I love the way you used the Stickers for your journaling, and what a great idea to use the typewriter! I like to take photos from the car window too!! :)

  5. GREAT design and fun theme for your page--LOVE it!

  6. such a fun thing to scrap about and this design is so genius!!!!

  7. One day I will be brave enough to use an itty bitty print on page like you did. Great design.

  8. This is so inspiring...I take these photos and never know what to do with them. Thank you for always sharing such great, artistic scrappy goodness.


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