Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lily Bee - Chipboard

Me and the talented Christine are up on the Lily Bee blog today featuring Lily Bee chipboard.  I interpreted the layout sketch from earlier this month and Christine interpreted the card sketch.

This was an old high school photo of our jazz band that a friend had tagged me with on Facebook.  Ancient history here...ha!  I don't remember this as well as one of my friends, but apparently we played Stella by Starlight a lot.  Our band director did pick out some awesome, cool songs.  I loved band...lived and breathed it.  
I rotated the sketch and did some misting...made this funky to go with the photo and theme.  And by the way, that's me playing the sax on first row, second from right.  But clarinet was my thing.  I only played sax for jazz.
I added more layers of pencil, distress ink and masking, stitching, and then the cut out pieces of pattern paper and chipboard...which really went well with the theme.
This really seems like it's both a long time ago, and just yesterday!  The trombone player standing up has gone on to play professionally...Mark Mullins with Bonerama.
Mark, me, and Ronnie all had scholarships to Loyola University.  Bittersweet memories...I didn't follow through with the scholarship and it definitely makes me wonder what my life would be like if I had...

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  1. Loving that mist work! It adds so much dimension!I also like all the black and white patterns you used!

  2. I love this layout! Fantastic misting and loving the mix of the chipboard and those wood veneer shapes/strips, fantastic composition!

  3. Love it Patricia!! The layered squares are really awesome and I love the stitching on your page! And what a great photo to scrap!!

  4. Love all the fabulous layers here! What a fun photo to scrap!!!

  5. What a trip down memory lane for you. I did not know you're musical. That's really cool.

    I love the dynamic feel to this page, with all the fun shapes and pops of color.

  6. It's wonderful- I love the texture and the way the things stand off the page. It makes for a nice contrast to the delicate mist in the background- I love it!

  7. wow this is artistically AWESOME!


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