Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Making the Disney World Project Life Album

For making my album, I did the same thing I do for Project Life.  I have what I used for the album in separate containers, so I could tuck away and pull out when I needed.  You can see more of my space and how I organize's a beautiful mess!

See that little square with the handle on it, next to the Kleenex box...LOL!  That is my Epson PictureMate.  It prints 4x6 size photos, but you can change the size of a photo to print on the 4x6 photo paper.  I LOVE this printer.  The quality is amazing.  If you want to print from your iPhone, it will not work.  The Canon Selphy will.  If you have an Android phone, and with the Epson bluetooth adapter, you can print from your Android phone.  I loved it enough to keep it after discovering this because I was shocked how amazing the quality is.  I use it ALL the time now for Project Life and primarily all the photos for the Disney World trip.
I had just finished the album, so everything was still out.  I did grab from other bins, as long as I was within the color/style that I wanted for those pictures, it went into the album!
I really do not like clutter, believe it or not...but I work great in clutter...the messier my desk, the more creative I am...
This is to the right...more beautiful mess.  I use my typewriter a lot now for Project Life and for the Disney World album.  I always want to see the nitty gritty of how people I hope this was a little eye opener as to how messy I am when I scrap!  LOL!
Okay...I have to take small steps for a project this big.  It is overwhelming to say the least.  And I have a touch of ADD so I have to really stay focused, which isn't easy for me.  But I decided, even though it was NOT a good time to learn a new program, I NEEDED too!  I took and am still going through Wilna Furstenberg's Lightroom class.  The class was only $25, and has saved me a tremendous amount of time on editing and sharing photos, especially scrapwork.  That and I had a $50 off from Photoshop for the Lightroom software...  I could have continued with Photoshop Elements, but I needed some timesaving tips ASAP!  

With the help of my friend Diane Payne and the class, I got the gist of Lightroom enough, that I could upload to it, edit, crop, resize, and export and/or print in more than half the time it takes me in Photoshop Elements.  Once I got that, I did not even think to go back to Photoshop Elements.  I created my own print templates, saved them, and used them throughout the whole Disney World album.
I mostly used 4x6 size because I printed to my Epson PictureMate.  For the photos above, that were the It's A Small World photos...I printed to my large 12x12 Epson R1200 printer on 8.5X11 photo paper.  The shot can see under "User Templates" those are the ones I created that have worked for me in doing Project Life and this Disney World Project Life album.  As I make different sizes, I save them.
I took a group of photos at a thing that helped me...especially with that ADD personality of I added the "only" photos I wanted at that time in the Quick Collection of when I went to print, I only saw those photos and then decided based on my size protectors, what size they needed to be.
I started to get into a rhythm with using the smaller size protector first, and then having the larger ones come after it...I wanted the album to have a little bit of a peek into the next pages.  So these are the protectors I used to layer.
To the right, there are three pages you see at a glance because of the different sized protectors.
For journaling, I sometimes used my typewriter, and sometimes I pulled in a digital card I purchased from Studio Calico into Photoshop Elements to type on and print.
And the biggest help in the details and journaling for this album was using Evernote to jot down what we did everyday.  I just copied and pasted that days events into Photoshop Elements, and was able to re-write it for the album.
Hope this helps in some way.  Have a great day!

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  1. i'm so glad to know you have a messy space while you're working too! thanks for sharing! i have a larger format epson photo printer & love it too!

  2. Wow, it sounds to me like you are really organized in your system for making this album! I really like the intro page.

  3. I'm glad you can work in a messy space because the stuff that comes out of there is awesome, Patricia. I love my little Epson Picture Mate too. It's a work horse.


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