Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Make Live Share | Team Richard Garay

I just got back from the Journey Station in Phoenix and I am really amazed by the company.  Passion, quality, variety of products, and so generous to all those working for them.  As part of Team Richard Garay, I will part of the team that works with his new retail line coming in January.  In the meantime, we get to play with the Richard's Celebra'tions line!

I am learning about Richard and how he creates and shares his passion with others, one way he shares this passion is by "Make Live and Share."  The idea behind this movement is to share our passion and creativity with others.  I picked one of Richard's projects as a jumpstart to my own project.  I don't have all the supplies to recreate his project, but knew this would be a fun way to share how his idea sparked my idea.

I love Halloween and love doing something for my daughter's class.  His idea with the treats inside something he created, gave me the idea to make a witch hat and fill it with candy.

Here is how it came together.  I used the Celebra'tions pierced circles (I have wanted these and so excited to finally have) to form the brim of the witch hat with a hole in the center, then to make another pierced circle for the stamping sentiment.

I used the Celebra'tions Create a Cone die for the top of the hat.  I used the same die, to do a partial cut from the Celebra'tions pattern paper.  To fit the top and brim of the hat together, I cut slits into the brim about a fourth of an inch into the brim all the way around, flipped the cut pieces up and slipped the top of the hat through.  To secure, I used double-sided tape.  

To complete the pattern paper, I free-hand trimmed leaving about an inch of a curved piece to glue around the outside of the hat.  I did use liquid glue to secure.  

The next part is what took some to get the treats to stay.  I finally had the idea to fill a very small treat bag, tie with ribbon, feed the ends of the ribbon through the top of the hat, then tie in a bow.

I used foam adhesive to attach my sentiment and made a little bow with black twine to finish the little treat.  I alternated with cardstock in place of the pattern paper on some of them.  Love how the colors of the products coordinate so well that I could easily switch them out.  

My daughter loves them so much and we both can't wait wait to share with her friends at school!  I think it would be cute if they re-used the hats for their stuffed toys or dolls.

My daughter helped cut parts of the hat, helped pick out the colors as for both of us, we are going to "Make, Live and Share" our passion with others.  Hope this gets you wanting to join Richard's movement to create and share with others!  I think it is a such a fun idea!

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