Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Team Richard Garay | Time to Shine | Video

"Time to Shine" I love that phrase not only for motivation and encouragement but in jewelry!  When I first saw the Journey Girl lockets and charms, I told my family I wanted this for Christmas.  I was so overwhelmed that Richard Garay gifted us with a necklace at a recent retreat!  I took a selfie and showed my husband!  I was so excited.

One of my favorite ways I customized my locket was with a photo of my daughter...it came out so adorable and I'm so happy with it!

Here is a video sharing how to assemble your locket and how I customized mine to make it unique to me.

When my daughter saw my necklace, she wanted one for Christmas, so she will be getting her locket and all of the charms, plus the butterfly and turquoise plate!  I'm excited to see how she will use hers.  I love the filigree and the black plate with mine.  Reminds me of some of the beautiful pieces my Mom would wear.

I'm really happy and loving the way the second customization came out!  I love the vintage look the gold and silver Silks from Fun Stampers Journey gave to the stamped and embossed Celebra'tions doily.

And, of course, with the charms and the locket kit, it is so fun, and probably how I will wear mine the most!  There are many more charms to choose from, and I hope there will be more, because I will need them!

Hope this beautiful charm makes its way under your Christmas tree.  It really is your time to shine!  Thank you so much for watching the video and stopping by.

Happy and safe Thanksgiving to everyone!

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