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December Memories | Gossamer Blue | Days 16-25

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, whether it was quiet, busy, small or big!  Ours is quiet and small, but with plenty of excitement.  Thanks to my hubby for being off last week and sneaking in as much time as I could, I finished my album.  As much as I love December, Christmas, and doing the album, I'm usually ready to move on to the next season.  I had a lot of other assignments going on.  So I printed all the photos, picked my pockets and cards and all I had to do was go back and fill in details.  I have never done it that way before, and I found it very helpful.  Something I would do again!  Something else I did that I haven't done since my first album in 2011 was this was pretty accurate in daily.  The day I have document is what happened that day.  There's a few days that I filled in with other photos or ephemera, but not many.

So here are the 16-25 memories using the Gossamer Blue December Memories kit.
Techniques I did were little details.  Like the stamped stars as bullets, and the stamped and embossed circle I did in my preparation in November layered under the red sequins.
More stamping on this spread.  To fill in the bottom left card, I stamped JOYFUL in four different ink colors using Richard Garay and Fun Stampers Journey inks.
I had to include the bag my daughter decorated, so used one of the large protectors for this.
I used a tag from the Gossamer Blue January kits here for my journaling that I stapled to the protector.  I have a piano program on the opposite side, so I covered the part showing on this side with pattern paper from the kit, added some sequins and stitched it.
I was so proud that Emma changed her mind and decided she wanted me to play the Jingle Bells duet with her for the small piano recital.  I will admit I was nervous.  I know music.  I played the clarinet, and know treble, but I am learning clef with her.  I also haven't played in front of people in a very long time.  To include the program, I just scanned it, and printed it to fit the pocket.
I really wanted three photos on this next spread, but I just cannot get enough of that pattern paper from the kit.  I wanted it to stand alone, so I trimmed down a protector to include a 3x4 picture with Santa, and filled the top pocket with bits from the kit.
I wanted to add some journaling, didn't need to be a lot, so used a small tag that I stamped stars all over it for the background, then typed onto it with my typewriter.
My daughter is growing up so much.  I love that she will let me get more pictures of her, and let me curl her hair.
I finally found a home for the acrylic 'December' from the kit.  I love the touch of texture and color it adds to this photo.  I used a strong liquid glue to adhere it directly to the photo.  This is probably one of my most favorite pages.
Okay...yes...excuse me while I geek out a little.  I am not a die-hard, know every single fact from Star Wars, BUT it holds special memories of seeing all the originals in the theatre when they first came out.  I was ten and I will never forget being amazed at the special effects, and I loved the characters....and did know some of the quotes ;) 
My hubby and I had to go separate times.  He let me go first.  I was so excited.  I laughed, I gasped, I reminisced, and I cried.  It was so amazing!  My favorite thing about this spread besides it being Star Wars, are the stars and enamel dots on the large photo.  Love how that came out!  And the black and white tree on the bottom right!
After seeing the new Star Wars movie, I really want my daughter to see the originals and start learning the story.  She is a scardy cat, but she got through A New Hope.  We had to stop several times to talk through what was happening and answer her questions, but she watched all of it and loved it.  Can't get her to do Empire Strikes Back or any of the others yet. ;) too scared
You also see a handsome new addition to our great nephew!  I'm so excited for my niece's family...he is precious!  I still kept with he same technique for each numbered glassine envelope by typing something on the front of each one.
I didn't end this spread with more photos after turning the page, so I just filled it in with papers from the kit.  I stamped and embossed in white on the next calendar section.
This next spread really isn't "merry everything."  LOL  My daughter got two teeth pulled.  I love doing the numbers or markers for each day with the glassine bags because it hides her from the first look of the page ;)  I meant to get more photos, but I was just trying to make sure she relaxed, and she did great!  I took pics of packages that the Toothfairy got for her to include as well.
Really bad angle LOL she isn't on the floor...she wanted to see what she looked like ;)
My daughter and I can butt heads sometimes  :p   I wrapped all the presents, so she and my hubby wrapped mine, but she wanted to use a different wrapping paper.  Every year I pick certain colors and how I want to decorate the packages.  So I told her she could only use the gold and silver that I picked.  She wasn't too happy about that, so she drew up a chart for us to vote on next year's colors.
The good thing is she and I will pick it out together next year, and we also agreed on the same things :) This chart was bigger than 8.5x11 so I had to take a photo of it, and then print it off.  I used our wrapping paper to fill the large pocket and one of the star ornaments from the packaging.
I used a 4x6 photo on the opposite side, so I didn't fill the entire pocket with a large photo.  Instead, I layered some papers, a doily, and the stamped 'making & baking' I had prepared back in November, with stickers and embellishments under and around the photo.
We all went to the movies to see The Good Dinosaur.  It was really cute, a little emotional.
Christmas Eve was so nice.  We decided to do homemade gingerbread waffles with black forest bacon, sausage, and eggs.
My daughter gave me this card on Christmas Day, but it fit better here although the next page is more about the reason for the season :p   It is real life and this is so her right now.  LOL 
I included lots of extra pages here...wanted to also include part of the church flyer so used another full protector with some bits stitched inside.
I covered the back of the flyer with pattern paper from the kit.  I love the photos for Christmas Eve.  We open presents from each other, go to church, and then prepare for Santa.
Emma had it planned to possibly sneak in and take a peek Christmas morning, but then go back to bed and get up at 7.  That didn't happen and once she was up, she called for me to come see.  I love how she is growing up and getting sneaky.  We spent lunch at my BIL's niece's house.  My niece told me about the Christmas moon and I almost forgot to look.  The last one was 38 years ago.  The next Christmas day full moon will be in 2034.  So glad I got a photo even though I got eaten up by mosquitos.  It was the second Christmas I remember wearing shorts... :(  Once Emma went to bed, I had a cup of tea and watched the Doctor Who Christmas show.  So used a photo I had taken of my new Tardis ornament my SIL had given me.
My daughter tried out her new scooter the next night, so I decided to include it on the next page.  I also put the glassine envelope with the day on this side.  I felt like I already had the '25' on the spread above and it was too much.  I clipped our Christmas card to the calendar.  I don't document through the end of the year, but I may fill in the calendar a little bit.
I really had to include this card our daughter made but had no more room!  I had to include it though, so fit in in between the calendar pages for the last week.
This is my most favorite December album I have made to date.  I feel like it is more real life.  Not that the others are not, but I included more everyday or non-Christmas related things and I like that.  I also was liberal in bulky embellishing, using memorabilia, and ephemera.  I knew the album could hold it, and it does.  It will flare out because it doesn't stay closed, but it all fits just fine...nice and full!
If you stayed with me this long, thank you!  And I hope you have a Happy New Year!!!

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