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Documenting December 2017 | Memory Planner

Between my love of planners and for the new Fun Stampers Journey (FSJ) page protectors for the planners, I decided to use one of the FSJ A5 planners to Document December 2017!  And it exceeded my expectations!

Emma and I have been sharing each week on YouTube, just going through briefly each week.  First Video, Second Video, Third Video, and our Fourth Video.  You can see all of the videos here.  But I could not NOT take photos ;) So here's the entire album.  For the cover of the planner, I got brave and used one of the FSJ fusion sponges with Clear Pigment Ink using the Steel Rule die cut numbers as a stencil, then sprinkled the Journey Silver Embossing powder and heat emboss...took my time as I was concerned of ruining the cover.  So glad I took a that snowy, windy look of the silver dusted across the cover.

On the first video, I had mentioned about my colors.  Since each page or week will be independent and on its own, I brought in some non-traditional colors to start the album/planner.  And this also will work great since not every photo is about Christmas.

I always love to make some pretty shaker pockets...lots of sparkles for this album...always.

I love this little keepsake pocket.  It holds little tags and the tags from visiting Emma's school.

The monthly view I used is the new FSJ Monthly View sheets that are totally customizable!  Also new, are more planner stamps!! They will be available in the new Bloom This Way catalog in January!

We had snow!!!  It is a miracle for us to get any of that white stuff, so I had to let that be a big part in the memory keeping and on my calendar.  I used the FSJ white liner sheets and snowflakes dies from the mini Holiday Catalog to die cut the three snowflakes sizes, adhered them directly to the calendar, lifted the other layer of the white liner to reveal the other sticky side, and then sprinkled Sparkle Dust!  So happy with how that came out.  It was a happy accident!

Perfect stamp set to mark Christmas.  Also from the mini Holiday Catalog still available through end of December!

I used the same printed paper to die cut the letters for Dec.  Filled in some blank spots with goodies.  The washi tape and all the pre-stamped and die cut items really helped make this calendar full.

I still need to print Emma's list from Amazon and fill ours out.  This is a great spot on the back of the new monthly spread to put wish lists or even shopping list.

December started on a Friday but I still filled a page protector full of photos I had taken already to start off the holidays.

I used the FSJ Advent Badges to adhere on the outside of some of the pockets.  I didn't use them as a countdown, but more of an embellishment identifying the day here and there.

Knowing that I will use the pockets but I also like to add photos directly to the planner pages, I had a slow start figuring out photo placements.  I even had journaled ahead a time at first to document what was taking place, and realized that took up my spot for possible photo placement.  In this case, I adhered the photo on the calendar page with washi tape to lift up and reveal more of the journaling.

I was still journaling each day instead of placing photos and then filling in, which would be my normal memory planner routine.  So to fill in the page and help with my crooked journaling, I used the FSJ snowflake stencil and Pool Play ink to cover the background.  That Friday was our snow it needed to be a big deal!

Layered some die cut snowflakes for the small pockets, and filling some with wood chips and sequins really gives a nice peek-a-boo look to next page.

The new foil stickers, washi tape, and die cuts help fill up the calendar page.

For this next week, I used my small personal planner to jot down what took place, so then I could I could decide what photos will go directly on the calendar page and which will go in the page protectors.  Then once photos are on the calendar page, I filled in with journaling, stamping, etc.  This week is also a great example of non-holiday photos.

I used one of the 4x6 layering pockets for the FSJ Albums to use for our Christmas card.  I lined up one of the planner protectors to punch the additional holes needed, added sequins to it and stitched it up.

I love the mix of sizes in our planner pockets.

Filled the extra little pockets with this 4x4 pocket page with some sequins and stitched closed.  For the backside of that cardstock in the bottom pocket, I stamped on the cardstock, and then embellished on the outside of the page protector.  Love those little details!

When I fill pockets, I usually do them in a checkerboard fashion to create breathing room and space.  Also helps to create movement and make the eye move across the page.  So photo on left, next photo on right, next on left and then right.  Decided to keep the empty pockets here pretty empty with just a little confetti and a wood piece and this repeats that same repetition.  Stitched them closed and added some red foiled tape to the outside of the pockets.

The red foil tape shows silver on the backside...LOVE that!

Then I filled the other half of the calendar week with selecting photo first again, and then filling in journaling, stamping, etc.  I really wanted to include Emma's daily routine, but did not have a photo from this week to document it, so I used a photo from a previous week that worked out great.

Once I had my photos on the next calendar page and week, I really filled it up with lots of the pre-made die cuts and stamping.  Went with more traditional holiday colors on this one.  And my journaling is vertical to fill in the spots.

Love the layers, and love our tape organizers...they give the washi tape such a cool edge.

Really love how this page came out with the Santa photo.  Lots of layers playing off that full-size page protector and a sheet of clear view.  The snowflake ornamental die cut frame is adhered to the clear view, then the photo is attached.  The poinsettias and snowflakes are all adhered on the outside of the pocket.

On the back, the die cut ornament and Joy are adhered to the back of the frame and clear view.  The tape at the bottom is adhered to the page protector.  You can get so creative with page protectors and clear view sheets.  They are a must for Christmas documenting too!

Pretty much the rest of the album's page protectors are filled completely with photos.  I have really embraced bad photos a lot more.  I usually bring my large DSLR camera to the Christmas in the Oaks, but I used my iPhone instead.  To help these photos look their best, I did print them and trim to leave a white border.  Gives breathing room.  I also added that red foil tape to the outside of the pocket.

Having that space and the tape just helps those photos look their best and stand out more.

Cut out the "Christmas" from the church flyer to use here.

For Christmas day, I went back to similar colors I had started the album/planner with, and used the entire calendar page from the first part of the week as almost a scrapbook layout.  Since I went with non-traditional holiday colors, I made that photo black and white.  But I kept all the other photos color.

Love all these fun colors and layers!  All that work planning and cutting ahead of time helps a lot here!

I needed just a little more journaling so doubled the size of the cardstock, typed onto it, and folded it to slip in the 2x2 pocket.

Used the FSJ foil sticker frames and more sequins to fill these pockets.  I really loved the peek-a-boo look here.

Filled the rest of the pockets up with photos.  And I usually stop after the 25th, but since this is a calendar/planner, I stamped Happy New Year in Rock Candy and Oatmeal Cookie to prep for adding our New Year's Eve photo and maybe a few more.

I really loved this format of documenting!  Combining a calendar/planner and documenting just makes so much sense, and having the page protectors really helps to make it work beautifully and get creative.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you get a chance to watch the videos Emma and I did sharing each week.  We had a lot of fun!  Hoping everyone has a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year!!!  See you in 2018!!!

EDITED to add the last of December!  Just quick shots with the iPhone

I loved the 2018 card from Hallmark so much, I cut it and punched holes to add, and then added a large photo on the back.

Had to use the Project Me film strip die with these fun photos.  I cut a piece of brushed silver cardstock in the same size as strip, then adhered my photos to it, lining them up in the frames.

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  1. GORRRRRRGEOUS! i've always wanted to do one of these. you've inspired me! for SURE! LOVE it.

  2. We would like to extend the best wishes from our family to yours! May the New Year bring only good things to all of you!


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