Sunday, February 25, 2018

Bloom This Way | Coloring with Pencils | Video

At Fun Stampers Journey, we had a little in between time of doing projects for the Spring into Summer mini catalog and the BIG June Catalog (YES, already?! ), and I really wanted to play with one of my favorite stamp sets from the current mini catalog, Bloom This Way, along with practicing my coloring.  Adult coloring is so big right now, and sometimes with the rush of creating, I miss that time to just sit down and color and enjoy the process of it.

I find that rushing with coloring for me usually leads to something I'm not too happy with, but after playing around with different shades and tones for these cuties, I came up with something I liked.  Having come from mostly being a scrapbooker using pre-made everything, I find I'm a little slower at figuring out what I like when starting from scratch and what would work best to make that stamped image come to life and have some personality.  I've seen some amazing coloring and artwork from our FSJ Coaches, but I also know there are other people like me just starting to color or wanting to get started.

(pencil numbers - mouse:  6, 44, 45, 46; clovers:  21, 22, 24; bird:  14, 15, 19, 26, 28; bird house:  8, 38, 46)

I used our Journey Color Burst pencils.  I love the watercolor pencils we have as well!  But I do think when you first start coloring, the Color Burst pencils are a great investment.  You can do simple coloring of just one color, but because of the waxiness of the pencils, they are great to layer color over color to get depth and shading.  I have a process video below you can see how this image came to life.  First tip, is to start with the lightest shade first and use a very light touch with your pencil.  You can go up and down or in circles, but keep it light.  Once you press hard onto your paper, you will press the fibers of the paper down and it will be hard to add more color on top.

Then pick a darker shade and add some shadows.  You can get detailed by coloring in where the sun would create shadows or in my case just color along edges.  Then come back with that light color again and blend.  Then take a new darker shade and create more shadows, come back with a lighter color again and blend.  The more you take your time doing this, the less you will see the hard line between colors.   I'm not one to fuss over that too much as long as my image comes to life and has the depth I want, I'm happy.

For each card, I picked a stencil that worked well with the overall feel and theme of each card, and then used our new Liquid Colors to add some texture to the white stamped card panel.  To make sure none of the stenciling got onto the stamped images, I used post-it notes to create masks for each one before applying the stencil and liquid color.

I went with a lot of color and texture on these cards.  I used our new Spring Filled Prints from the Bloom This Way mini catalog as another card panel along with more cardstock to mat the stamped and stenciled card panel.

Then I used a colored cardstock instead of Whip Cream cardstock for the card base for each one.  One last touch of texture I added to the stamped and stenciled card panel was using our Pocket Cuts Die Set.  I love this set for doing pocket albums, but it is great for cards.  The 3x4 die is great to line up the composition of your finished stamped image, and the matching scalloped piercing element just says Spring to me!

All of them got some Whip Cream thread and dots added.  Super simple design, but a fun way to add lots of color and texture using our pencils, liquid color, printed paper, thread, dies, and dots.

Hope this inspires you to sit down and stamp a few images and start playing with the pencils to see how you can make the images come to life!  Thanks so much for stopping by!!  Here is my video below:

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  1. these are so cute Patricia!!! :)

  2. I love all three cards! They are too cute! Thank you for the coloring tips!!


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